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Eddie Nilsson
The best rank ever (actual)592.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Juniors ranking76.
Club Tegelhuset OBK
Country Sweden
City Vasteras, Vastmanland
Birth year 2007
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Tournaments ordered by date (37 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
1.12.2018Narkeligan #7 Kids Narkeligan KidsOrebro, Narke (SWE)1. (6)56
1.12.2018Narkeligan 2018/19 #4 NarkeliganOrebro, Narke (SWE)6. (10)116
17.11.2018Narkeligan TT 2018 (Ronnie Petterssons minne) Swedish Tour
Orebro, Narke (SWE)12. (23)301
22.9.20183Tuna Della Sport Cup Annual Memorial Open 2018 Swedish TourSolna, Uppland (SWE)38. (44)228
17.7.2018Tegelcamp 2018 #2 Odensbacken TournamentsOrebro, Narke (SWE)6. (9)134
17.6.2018European Championships 2018 Kids European Championships KidsEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)17. (18)56
16.6.2018Stiga Open TTwebSwedish TourEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)14. (45)401
15.6.2018European Championships 2018 Juniors European Championships JuniorsEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)28. (36)284
9.6.2018Lappe Open #1 Odensbacken TournamentsOrebro, Narke (SWE)3. (5)64
11.5.2018Swedish Championships 2018 Juniors Swedish Championships JuniorsLund, Skane (SWE)6. (9)110
11.5.2018Swedish Championships 2018 Kids Swedish Championships KidsLund, Skane (SWE)1. (3)0
11.5.2018Swedish Championships 2018 Rookies Swedish Championships RookiesLund, Skane (SWE)2. (13)120
2.5.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #18 (A Game Of Thrones) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)5. (10)144
18.4.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #17 (The Winds Of Summer) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)5. (11)170
14.4.2018Umea Open 2018 Swedish Tour
Umea Open
Umea, Vasterbotten (SWE)18. (28)340
4.4.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #16 (Battle Of The Bastards) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)8. (10)72
31.3.2018Bjorkhagen Open TT 2018 (Bjorkhagen THL 2017/18 #4) Swedish Tour
Bjorkhagen THL
Stockholm (SWE)17. (23)201
24.3.20183Tunaligan TT 2018 (3Tunaligan 2017/18 #15) Swedish Tour
Eskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)7. (16)261
21.3.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #14 (Breaker Of Chains) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)11. (12)14
7.3.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #13 (Valar Dohaeris) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)9. (14)97
21.2.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #12 (Valar Morghulis) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)2. (8)150
10.2.2018Swedish Masters 2018 World Tour
World Tour Super Series
Swedish Masters
Swedish Tour
Molndal, Vastergotland (SWE)104. (117)183
7.2.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #11 (Winter Is Coming) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)5. (9)82
3.2.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #7 NarkeliganOrebro, Narke (SWE)5. (7)22
24.1.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #10 (A Song Of Ice And Fire) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)8. (12)103
6.1.20183Tuna Grand Prix 2018 Swedish TourEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)51. (59)47
13.12.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #9 (Luke I Am Your Father) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)12. (18)93
25.11.2017Narkeligan #4 Kids Narkeligan KidsOrebro, Narke (SWE)1. (11)30
25.11.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #4 NarkeliganOrebro, Narke (SWE)12. (13)5
10.6.2017Gullvivan Masters 2017 Rookies -Orebro, Narke (SWE)2. (10)18
29.4.2017Regnbage over Skarpnack 2017 Swedish Tour
Skarpnack THL
Stockholm (SWE)15. (15)1
14.4.2017Tegelhusets Pasklovsbords 2017 Odensbacken Junior TournamentsOrebro, Narke (SWE)1. (15)30
26.2.2017Tegelhusets Sportlovsbords 2017 Odensbacken Junior TournamentsOrebro, Narke (SWE)3. (18)18
7.1.20173Tuna Della Sport Cup Annual Memorial Open 2017 Swedish Tour
Eskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)35. (50)18 (22)
26.10.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #5 (Much that once was is lost) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)10. (10)1 (1)
14.9.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #2 (I feel it in the water) 3TunaliganEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)18. (20)4 (5)
6.7.20163Tuna Bordshockeyondag #11 (Special Summer Edition) 3Tuna BordshockeyonsdagEskilstuna, Sodermanland (SWE)16. (18)3 (3)

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 6 years count, points are lowered by time coefficient)

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