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Goteborg Open 2023
Date 11.03.2023
Series Swedish Tour
Goteborg Open
City Goteborg
Web -
Participants 33
Level 4
Value 4647

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.29.-Olof BlumeBjorkhagen RangersSweden645
2.24.-Eddie NilssonNarke BordshockeySweden621
3.101.+32Lukas GustafssonBroderna GrymSweden598
3.43.+3Emil LarssonUmea HSSSweden598
5.30.-Joakim LundinUnited StarsSweden574
6.69.+1Johan YrlidBH Chiefs BHSweden556
7.63.-Lars FridellBjorkhagen RangersSweden536
8.22.-Hugo LonnqvistBroderna GrymSweden520
9.214.+37Jorn MoldvarHodd BHKNorway506
10.124.+2Niklas BlombergNUHL8Sweden488
11.138.-Richard PedersenUnited StarsSweden476
12.61.-Anton JalneskogBroderna GrymSweden465
13.99.-Henrik NilssonNarke BordshockeySweden455
14.188.+6Geir HjemasHodd BHKNorway451
15.199.+18Jakob JonssonBjorkhagen RangersSweden445
16.610.+96Hans E. LindqwistBH Chiefs BHSweden439
17.178.-Jerry WikstromUnited StarsSweden435
18.483.+84Bie KarlssonBjorkhagen RangersSweden431
19.346.+62Markus BengtssonSkrunda THCSweden428
20.NEW-David DonnerdalAtletico GoteborgSweden424
21.359.+64Marcus HillingBH Chiefs BHSweden418
22.390.+53Fidde HanssonBJC LaimiteSweden413
23.244.+14Janis ZaliteVJN VentspilsLatvia404
24.157.-Joachim ThyzellBroderna GrymSweden394
25.691.+120Herman LindgrenNUHL8Sweden371
26.120.-Stefan LemmingUnited StarsSweden347
27.384.+18Anton Kimberg-Sweden320
28.664.+85Johan EstmoBH Chiefs BHSweden291
29.429.-Magnus KyllergardBjorkhagen RangersSweden268
30.451.-Magnus FalkBH Chiefs BHSweden193
31.608.-Lars UlfvensjoNarke BordshockeySweden125
32.595.-Hans NordinAtletico GoteborgSweden59
33.4497.+118Gustav Ackesjo-Sweden1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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