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Narke Bordshockey SWE
Club rank: 24.
City: Orebro, Narke
Contact person: -
Mail address: -
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Players ranked at the ranking (56)
Rank Points
12.Eddie Nilsson3987
90.Henrik Nilsson2866
220.Anders Pettersson2193
265.Jimmy Douz2067
270.James-John Forsberg2057
314.Johan Johansson1917
390.Wilton Wallin1706
399.Henric Andersson1675
480.Lars Ulfvensjo1460
505.Wilhelm Possl1409
529.Joakim Jakobsson1349
640.Vanja Ulfvensjo1103
1075.Robert Forsberg428
1388.Kenneth Nilsson233
1437.Noel Ulfvensjo211
1526.Sven Pettersson186
1666.Kevin Wallin150
1748.Vilma Wallin133
1798.Edvin Makinen124
1878.Anna-Maria Israelsson112
2114.Mio Johansson81
2121.Julia Forsberg80
2348.Rune Pettersson63
2622.Anna Wallin50
2676.Linda Karlsson47
2735.Mikael Bringefjord45
2749.Simon Bergelin44
2865.Matilda Makinen41
Rank Points
2990.Isabel Makinen36
3131.Linus Andersson32
3161.Alexander Bringefjord32
3484.Henrik Myrberg25
3648.Emil Bergergard23
3871.Joel Skagerberg Adolfsson20
4067.Eva Hallin18
4159.Ellen Renstrand17
4178.Olle-Gustaf Hellen17
4180.Nina Makinen17
4948.Anton Possl10
5091.Antonio Galinovic9
5562.Jan Gudmunds7
5593.Hanna Dahlstedt7
5853.Marita Bergwall6
6110.Leif Adolfsson5
6191.Pekka Puranen5
6330.Alf Israelsson5
6543.Jimmy Karlsson4
6543.Isak Ohrling4
6543.Mikael Renstrand4
6854.Axel Thomsson3
6987.Melvin Dahlstedt3
7497.Oliver Dahlstedt2
7579.Filippa Makinen2
8088.Lucas Bringefjord1
8088.Olle Eriksson1
8088.Emma Ohrling1

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking
no players were found

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
25.09.2022Narke BordshockeySwedish Championships 2022/23 Teams6. (9)
25.09.2022Narke Bordshockey IISwedish Championships 2022/23 Teams9. (9)
15.05.2022Narke BordshockeySwedish Championships 2022 Teams6. (13)
15.05.2022Narke Bordshockey IISwedish Championships 2022 Teams13. (13)

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