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Official table hockey ranking list
The table hockey world ranking list is available for the following categories:
  • Open - all players who participated in at least at one tournament during the last six years are included, with an archive dating back to 1st May 1989
  • Ladies
  • Juniors - players born 2000 and later 
  • Veterans - players born 1978 or earlier
  • Nations - the best five players from each country are considered
  • Ladies nations - the best three ladies from each country are considered
  • Juniors nations - the best three juniors from each country are considered
  • Veterans nations - the best three veterans from each country are considered
  • Clubs - the best four members of each club are considered
You can read about the ranking list and about the algorithm on which it is based, in the provided description (doc or pdf). The whole open ranking list can be downloaded in txt format. You can also display actual rankings on your own website - read more.

To add your tournament results, either use this web form or this special software for Windows. For queries/corrections, the ranking list administrators can be contacted by email at
Besides the ranking list calendar of tournaments is available and you can also browse through the lists of series, players, clubs and nations.

The history of adding tournaments to the ranking list can be found in the news archive.

Latest news
Congrats to Oscar Henriksson - who becomes #1 in Sweden in this update!

NOR 14.2.2018,  Final standings of Bergensliga Spring 2018 #6 (Bergensliga) - 6 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Arne Johannes Holmin181 
2.Ewoud van Veen from Netherlands310 
3.Hans Christian Lonne394 
4.Trond Ove Gangsoy246 
5.Darko Mrdalj from Serbia644 
6.Henning Tvedten720 

RUS 13.2.2018,  Final standings of RadioCup 2017/18 #5 (Ekaterinburg RadioCup) - 6 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Anton Sysolyatin647+7
2.Maxim Chegaev280 
3.Pavel Temnyakov560 
4.Kesha Shushpanov2491+258
5.Vladimir Sharf1858 
6.Alexander Krivilev1647 

RUS 13.2.2018,  Final standings of Kazan THL 2018 #2 (Kazan Table Hockey League) - 7 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Sergey Semagin1644+175
2.Konstantin Barabash1240 
3.Ramil Galiev1047 
4.Alexander Enyushin739 
5.Emil Mumdzhi1559 
6.Dinar Fakhrutdinov1808 
7.Kapitolina Semagina2747 

SWE 13.2.2018,  Final standings of Umeligan 2017/18 #22 (Umeligan) - 5 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Herman Steen132 
2.Lars-Erik Svensson149 
3.Joakim Astrom943 
4.Anna Holmstrom1269 
5.Urban Edmundsson2793 

NOR 13.2.2018,  Final standings of Jarliga 2017/18 #26 (Jarligaen) - 10 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Magnus Klippen67 
2.Amund Risa Fylling131 
3.Oystein Klippen121 
4.Sondre Efteland Johansen593 
5.Gustav Bradland333 
6.Daniel Nygard1153+77
7.Sander Berntsen1403+35
8.Tobias Risa Fylling982 
9.Farouk Nameal Bkri from Syria1341 
10.Rikard Oddane1339 

SWE 13.2.2018,  Final standings of Lokomtivserien 2018 #1 (Thomas the Train) (Lokomotivserien) - 9 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Jimmy Douz596 
2.Thomas Wikstrom1187 
3.Nicklas Nilsson539 
4.Henrik Kransholm1411 
5.Fredrik Timeus1120 
6.Niklas Nygards3546+201
7.Sam Kransholm8187+1249
8.Leonard Timeus10512+1618
9.Henry TimeusNEW 

LAT 12.2.2018,  Final standings of K-League #172 (K-League) - 10 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Toms Baumanis585+25
2.Roberts Suharevs Jr.386 
3.Patriks Strods793+36
4.Rinalds Sinicins458 
5.Intars Garancs589 
6.Edvards Drozds895 
7.Ralfs Paeglis612 
8.Markuss Abele1413+47
9.Railends Kuhalskis1192 
10.Kriss Skujenieks1158 

FIN 11.2.2018,  Final standings of Oulun Latkaliiga 2017/18 #15 (Oulun Latkaliiga) - 3 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Matias Tuppi1326 
2.Patrick Siironen3681 
3.Luukas Hameenniemi1719 

FIN 11.2.2018,  Final standings of Lintulampi Training #16 (Lintulampi Training Tournaments) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Toni Koivula276 
2.Matias Tuppi1326 
3.Luukas Hameenniemi1719 
4.Patrick Siironen3681 

GER 11.2.2018,  Final standings of Holbau Cup #8 (Holbau Cup) - 6 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Hermann Petuch577 
2.Mathias Klein1400 
3.Vadim Mirojevskis from Latvia2341+69
4.Andrei Hoerner4540+702
5.Viktor Kolonovs from Latvia3187+46
6.Alex Bazilevs from Latvia4075+6

DEN 11.2.2018,  Final standings of Vendelbo Ligaen 2018 #4 (Vendelbo Ligaen) - 8 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Frank Hansen981 
2.Henrik Pedersen921 
3.Brian Michaelsen1741 
4.Jorgen Thomsen1655 
5.Mette Nielsen3475+225
6.Sanne Madsen3011+11
7.Steen Aagaard7012+1177
8.Carsten Frandsen4267+4

RUS 11.2.2018,  Final standings of Afanasii Lomonos Open 2018 (Krasnyi Iar Tournaments) - 7 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Yuriy Mazhorin1063+51
2.Pavel Kiselyov1381+8
3.Alexandr Gorlin886 
4.Anastasiya Kiselyova2501+13
5.Andrey Kulishov7856+2467
6.Victor SokolovskiyNEW 
7.Maxim SokolovskiyNEW 

SWE 6.2.2018,  Final standings of OLearysligan #16 (OLearysligan) - 8 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Hans Osterman8 
2.Jimmy Mardell55 
3.Uno Osterman197 
4.Olof Blume330 
5.Bjorn Ingevaldsson335 
6.Daniel Setterwall640 
7.Tomas Fagerlind352 
8.Liv Osterman786