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World Ranking 2020. Rules and Algorithm

Official table hockey ranking list
The table hockey world ranking list is available for the following categories:
  • Open - all players who participated in at least at one tournament during the last six years are included, with an archive dating back to 1st May 1989
  • Ladies
  • Juniors - players born 2003 and later 
  • Veterans - players born 1981 or earlier
  • Nations - the best five players from each country are considered
  • Ladies nations - the best three ladies from each country are considered
  • Juniors nations - the best three juniors from each country are considered
  • Veterans nations - the best three veterans from each country are considered
  • Clubs - the best four members of each club are considered
You can read about the ranking list and about the algorithm on which it is based, in the provided description (pdf). The whole open ranking list can be downloaded in txt format. You can also display actual rankings on your own website - read more.

To add your tournament results, either use this web form or this special software for Windows. For queries/corrections, the ranking list administrators can be contacted by email at

The ITHF recognises the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Any player who wishes their personal data to no longer be displayed or stored by the ITHF is asked to contact The data will then be removed or anonymised as soon as possible. Anyone sending players' personal data to the ITHF must first obtain the players' consent.
Besides the ranking list calendar of tournaments is available and you can also browse through the lists of series, players, clubs and nations.

The history of adding tournaments to the ranking list can be found in the news archive.

Latest news
Weekly update

CZE 18.7.2021,  Final standings of Novorychnovska Liga 2021 #4 (Novorychnovska Liga) - 6 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Michal Blazek265 
2.Lukas Kahoun497 
3.Matyas Klazar527 
4.Tomas Kahoun ml.262 
5.Adam Kopriva490 
6.Petr Klazar1077 

SVK 17.7.2021,  Final standings of Novozamocka Liga 2020/21 #8 (Novozamocka Liga) - 9 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Ludovit Varga465 
2.Jan Szarvas825 
3.Csaba Kocsis631 
4.Viktor Velic684 
5.Martin Kopac1275+4
6.Ronald Kocsis1027 
7.Patrik Kocsis693 
8.Jakub Jurik3195+180
9.Matej Szabo3823 

USA 17.7.2021,  Final standings of Strategic Kids #2 (Southern California STHL) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Nicholas Dorgan1787+115
2.Rachel Dorgan1821+43
3.Krish Agrawal5024+1211
4.Craig HuxleyNEW 

SVK 16.7.2021,  Final standings of Novozamocka Liga 2020/21 #7 (Novozamocka Liga) - 8 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Viktor Velic684 
2.Patrik Kocsis693 
3.Ludovit Varga465 
4.Csaba Kocsis631 
5.Ronald Kocsis1027 
6.Martin Kopac1275 
7.Matej Szabo3823+281
8.Jakub Jurik3195 

GER 15.7.2021,  Final standings of Arnos Garagenturnier #112 (Dusseldorf EAG Tournaments) - 6 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Arno Wirths1486 
2.Philipp Gerber1724 
3.Tyler Siebert1957 
4.Kevin Tuldari3000+209
5.Keanu Tuldari2420 
6.Lucas Gunther2386 

FIN 15.7.2021,  Final standings of Korso liiga #23 (Korso liiga) - 5 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Ville Henttonen134 
2.Jussi Tapola373 
3.Pasi Haikonen667 
4.Vesa Virri551 
5.Pasi Moisander653 

CZE 14.7.2021,  Final standings of Prazske Minimistrovstvi #59 (Prazske Minimistrovstvi) - 11 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Tomas Bucek158 
2.Krystof Lebl139 
3.Adam Kopriva490+3
4.Lukas Kahoun497 
5.Miroslav Cernoch87 
6.Tomas Kahoun ml.262 
7.Matyas Klazar527 
8.Milan Safranek (Prague)2096+398
9.Petr Klazar1077 
10.Radek Hrncir1215 
11.Daniel Votrubec3472 

RUS 11.7.2021,  Final standings of Hot ice 2021 - 17 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Vasili Tulaev1663+40
2.Evgeniy Ermakov1633 
3.Andrey Filatov3530+581
4.Oleg Avdejko5020+1332
5.Dmitriy Chepinskiy1204 
6.Kirill Marchenko5710+1608
7.Artem Cmyhalov3024+173
8.Alexander Bitkov2554+7
9.Vladimir OrehovNEW 
10.Matvey SavchenkoNEW 
11.Makar ShulginNEW 
12.Dmitriy KrivoruchkoNEW 
13.Dmitriy LukashovNEW 
14.Alexander ShljahtinNEW 
15.Anastasia SapozhnikovaNEW 
16.Ivan KarpenkoNEW 
17.Maria IlchenkoNEW 

RUS 11.7.2021,  Final standings of European Championship Final Rubilovo (Volgograd Friendly Cup) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Vladimir Krivolapov741 
2.Yuriy Verbitskiy745 
3.Artem Garkavy4499+522
4.Alexey VerbitskiyNEW 

CZE 10.7.2021,  Final standings of Litomysl Cup 2021 #2 (Litomysl Cup) - 5 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Zdenek Lopaur323 
2.Josef Sedlacek800 
3.Jan Cepicka1922+174
4.Jindrich Petr940 
5.Jiri Cepicka6812+1073

FIN 9.7.2021,  Final standings of Korso liiga #22 (Korso liiga) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Vesa Virri551 
2.Jussi Tapola373 
3.Pasi Haikonen667 
4.Jukkis Hellevuo929 

CZE 26.6.2021,  Final standings of Litomysl Cup 2021 #1 (Litomysl Cup) - 10 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Zdenek Lopaur323 
2.Robert Jez275 
3.Ales Krejza564 
4.Tomas Halama548 
5.Ivan Halama1233+74
6.Jindrich Petr940 
7.Patrik Halama1324+25
8.Jan Cepicka1922 
9.Jiri Cepicka6812+1073
10.Jiri Nemec6921+506

RUS 6.6.2021,  Final standings of Volgodonsk Open Cup 2021 (Volgodonsk Open Cup) - 10 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Pavel Kiselyov1199 
2.Alexandr Gorlin1246 
3.Anastasiya Kiselyova1812 
4.Matvey Babakov2152 
5.Vjacheslav TonitsoyNEW 
6.Dmitriy Tkachenko3292+284
7.Vladislav TonitsoyNEW 
8.Vladimir Dementjev4179+315
9.Nikolai Semenichev2856 
10.Alla AbakumovaNEW