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World Ranking 2020. Rules and Algorithm

Official table hockey ranking list
The table hockey world ranking list is available for the following categories:
  • Open - all players who participated in at least at one tournament during the last six years are included, with an archive dating back to 1st May 1989
  • Ladies
  • Juniors - players born 2003 and later 
  • Veterans - players born 1981 or earlier
  • Nations - the best five players from each country are considered
  • Ladies nations - the best three ladies from each country are considered
  • Juniors nations - the best three juniors from each country are considered
  • Veterans nations - the best three veterans from each country are considered
  • Clubs - the best four members of each club are considered
You can read about the ranking list and about the algorithm on which it is based, in the provided description (pdf). The whole open ranking list can be downloaded in txt format. You can also display actual rankings on your own website - read more.

To add your tournament results, either use this web form or this special software for Windows. For queries/corrections, the ranking list administrators can be contacted by email at

The ITHF recognises the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Any player who wishes their personal data to no longer be displayed or stored by the ITHF is asked to contact The data will then be removed or anonymised as soon as possible. Anyone sending players' personal data to the ITHF must first obtain the players' consent.
Besides the ranking list calendar of tournaments is available and you can also browse through the lists of series, players, clubs and nations.

The history of adding tournaments to the ranking list can be found in the news archive.

Latest news
Weekly update

USA 24.7.2021,  Final standings of Stiga Chicago Open 2021 (World Tour) - 17 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Roman Nezhyba from Czech Republic247 
2.Ryan Woodall474+48
3.Paul Shabi232 
4.Eric Krol505+8
5.Kevin Rafferty302 
6.Dean Moore724+53
7.Alex WalkerNEW 
8.Ron Marsik2749+1218
9.Ryan Marshall from Canada1009+49
10.Darrin Hummel925+7
11.Paul Gasiecki736 
12.Dave Wright941 
13.Henry WalkerNEW 
14.Jesse Cook3404+554
15.Ron Cook5081+1210
16.Joe Spinello4125+423
17.Mitchell GlaserNEW 

GER 22.7.2021,  Final standings of Arnos Garagenturnier #113 (Dusseldorf EAG Tournaments) - 6 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Arno Wirths1486+5
2.Philipp Gerber1725 
3.Lucas Gunther2386+130
4.Jonas Gerber5439+1595
5.Keanu Tuldari2418 
6.Elias Gerber6532+70

GER 20.7.2021,  Final standings of Hohentraining #1 (Hohentraining) - 4 participants
Pos. RankChange
1.Sven Aderhold545 
2.Frank Rasche606 
3.Gunnar Gripp859 
4.Nicolas Lindner1548