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Form for sending results to the world ranking list

Instructions on how to use this form can be found below on this page.

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This form is to be completed in 4 separate steps:

1) Enter general tournament information: Type the tournament's name in the text box Tournament, e.g. "Swedish Masters 2006" or "Alaska League - Autumn 1981". Enter the tournament date in the format "day.month.year" (d.m.yyyy). If the tournament belongs to a series (optional), enter its name in the Series box (e.g. Ukraine Championships). Select (or type in, if not found in the drop-down menus) the country and city where the tournament was held. Enter the number of participants. Confirm this general tournament information by clicking Submit Tournament's Details. The input will then appear in the top-right text box.

2) Enter the tournament's final standings by copying the players' names into the bottom-left text box, with each player's name on a separate line, and with the winner's name first. Select whether the surname is stated first or last. Click Submit Table.

3) The players found in the database now appear in the lowest of the 3 text boxes on the right-hand side. If all players are found, skip this step and advance to step 4. If any names are not found (usually because of different spelling, or new players), assign these players using the drop-down menus that will appear on the lower right-hand side. (If a player is new to the world ranking list, select Cannot be found.) Now click Confirm Assignment of Players.

4) Additional information about the tournament or players can now be typed in the middle text box on the right-hand side. If possible, specify the nationality, home city, club membership, gender and age of any new players, so they will be ranked in the right categories. Send the information by clicking Send Results. If this is successful, you will receive a confirmation email almost immediately. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact

Any player who wishes their personal data to no longer be displayed or stored by the ITHF is asked to contact The data will then be removed or anonymised.