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Slovenia Open SLO

1.311Vaclav Pikl
2.233Kristijan Curkovic
3.230Bjarne Axelsen
4.210Leos Hvizd ml.
5.210Mykhaylo Shalomayev
6.103Anze Bozic
7.100Bernard Rjavec
8.100Dmytro Marmaliuk
9.100Magor Papp
10.100Michal Hvizd
11.020Jaka Skrlep
12.010Krystof Herold
13.010Martin Madera
14.010Michal Zunka
15.010Rolands Riekstins
16.010Tim Weisseisen
17.002Martin Zenisek
18.001Armin Camdzic
19.001Balint Nagy
20.001Jan Sladek
21.001Patrik Petr
22.001Simon Thomas
23.001Uros Matanovic
24.001Vjekoslav Kufrin

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (16 tournaments)
22.10.2022Slovenia Open 2022 KranjMykhaylo Shalomayev21
23.10.2021Slovenia Open 2021 KranjDmytro Marmaliuk36
26.10.2019* Slovenia Open 2019 KranjLeos Hvizd ml.37
27.10.2018* Slovenia Open 2018 KranjAnze Bozic48
7.10.2017Slovenia Open 2017 KranjMykhaylo Shalomayev26
8.10.2016Slovenia Open 2016 KranjLeos Hvizd ml.34
10.10.2015Slovenia Open 2015webKranjMichal Hvizd36
8.11.2014Slovenia Open 2014 KranjVaclav Pikl24
9.11.2013Slovenia Open 2013 KranjVaclav Pikl22
10.11.2012Slovenia Open 2012webKranjKristijan Curkovic38
5.11.2011Slovenia Open 2011 KranjBjarne Axelsen41
6.11.2010Slovenia Open 2010 KranjBjarne Axelsen36
14.11.2009Slovenia Open 2009webKranjKristijan Curkovic34
22.11.2008Slovenia Open 2008 KranjVaclav Pikl34
27.10.2007Slovenia Open 2007webKranjBernard Rjavec39
11.11.2006Slovenia Open 2006 KranjMagor Papp48

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