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Bjorkhagen Rangers Training Camp SWE

1.8113Truls Mansson
2.600Olle Eriksson
3.431Jimmy Mardell
4.130Olof Blume
5.100Bjorn Svedman
6.100Martin Arenlind
7.100Micael Stromberg
8.022Bjorn Ingevaldsson
9.021Maria Elena Pettersson
10.012Linus Nilsson
11.003Jakob Jonsson
12.003Stefan Lukas
13.002Patric Jonsson
14.001Caroline Eriksson
15.001Fredrik Gran
16.001Gustaf Fagerberg
17.001Jerry Wikstrom
18.001Niklas Blomberg

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (22 tournaments)
8.7.2021Bjorkhagen Rangers VM-camp 2021 StockholmBjorn Svedman10
3.6.2019VM-Camp 2019 StockholmOlof Blume4
5.6.2018Bjorkhagen EM-Camp 2018 StockholmTruls Mansson6
28.2.2018Stryktipset 2018 StockholmTruls Mansson5
11.5.2017SM Camp 2017 StockholmOlle Eriksson8
4.2.2017Stryktipset 2017 StockholmOlle Eriksson8
13.9.2016Hassleholmshallen Cup 2016 StockholmTruls Mansson6
26.4.2016Pre-SM Challenge StockholmTruls Mansson4
19.4.2016Isabella Welcome Cup StockholmJimmy Mardell4
2.9.2015Gran Invitation Cup StockholmOlle Eriksson4
23.7.2015Sixmeninakitchen Cup 2015 StockholmJimmy Mardell6
14.7.2015Juliaden 2015 StockholmTruls Mansson4
13.7.2015Bjorkhagiska Spelen 2015 StockholmOlle Eriksson5
4.6.2015Road To Glory 2015 StockholmTruls Mansson4
26.5.2015Camp Rangers Cup StockholmOlle Eriksson5
9.5.2015Ahusvagen Pre-Summer Cup StockholmOlle Eriksson5
20.11.2013Bjorkhagen Rangers Training Camp 2013 StockholmTruls Mansson4
3.6.2010Bjorkhagen Rangers Training Camp 2010 StockholmTruls Mansson4
27.11.2007Bjorkhagen Rangers Training Camp 2007 #4 StockholmMartin Arenlind6
25.9.2007Bjorkhagen Rangers Training Camp 2007 #3 StockholmJimmy Mardell4
14.8.2007Bjorkhagen Rangers Training Camp 2007 #2 StockholmJimmy Mardell4
2.8.2007Bjorkhagen Rangers Training Camp 2007 #1 StockholmMicael Stromberg4

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