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Odensbacken Junior Tournaments SWE

1.210Olof Blume
2.200George Issa
3.200James-John Forsberg
4.111Ida Pedersen
5.110Fadi Issa
6.101Eddie Nilsson
7.020Mohammed Isma
8.020Sven Pettersson
9.010Alfred Jarl
10.010Noa Tell
11.002Rune Pettersson
12.002Sissela Blume
13.001Daniella Lundin
14.001Kasper Nilsson
15.001Max Svanberg
16.001Victor Gafvels Nyren

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (9 tournaments)
28.8.2021Tegelhuset KM Kids 2021 Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg7
27.6.2020Tegelhuset KM Kids 2020 Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg3
20.2.2018Tegelhusets Sportlovsturnering 2018 Orebro, NarkeFadi Issa8
4.11.2017Hostregn i Odensbacken 2017 Orebro, NarkeOlof Blume13
26.7.2017Odensbacken Summer 2017 #5 Kids Orebro, NarkeGeorge Issa12
5.7.2017Odensbacken Summer 2017 #3 Kids Orebro, NarkeGeorge Issa8
14.4.2017Tegelhusets Pasklovsbords 2017 Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson15
26.2.2017Tegelhusets Sportlovsbords 2017 Orebro, NarkeOlof Blume18
4.1.2017Odensbacken Tournament 2017 #1 Juniors Orebro, NarkeIda Pedersen5

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