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Narkeligan SWE

1.2411Joakim Lundin
2.9313Stefan Lemming
3.761Eddie Nilsson
4.5113Richard Pedersen
5.248Anders Pettersson
6.237Micael Sundqvist
7.201Gustaf Hermansson
8.155Henrik Nilsson
9.112James-John Forsberg
10.112Joakim Jakobsson
11.100Hans Osterman
12.050Olof Blume
13.044Jerry Wikstrom
14.032Wilton Wallin
15.022Glenn Dahlberg
16.012Lars Ulfvensjo
17.011Jakob Jonsson
18.011Patrik Hellstrom
19.010Mikael Wiberg
20.010Vanja Ulfvensjo
21.010Wilhelm Possl
22.001Emil Larsson
23.001Fredrik Johansson
24.001Johan Johansson
25.001Susanna Possl

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (55 tournaments)
27.04.2024Narkeligan Finalen Orebro, NarkeJoakim Jakobsson12
13.04.2024OGS Bolaget Cup Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson12
02.03.2024Agdur Cup Orebro, NarkeRichard Pedersen12
03.02.2024Hampetorp Cup Orebro, NarkeRichard Pedersen18
06.01.2024Champion of the Penguines 2024 Orebro, NarkeAnders Pettersson8
09.12.2023Stiga Sports Champion Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming10
11.11.2023Anders PT Cup Orebro, NarkeJames-John Forsberg10
07.10.2023Hlins Hus Masters 2023 Orebro, NarkeRichard Pedersen8
09.09.2023Brokks Hus Champion 2023 Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson18
06.05.2023Narke ligan avslutning Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson16
22.04.2023Champion of the Penguins 2023 Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming8
25.03.2023Herr Hyrman Trophy Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming15
25.02.2023Sustainable Interaction Cup 2023 Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming14
28.01.2023Ivhalls Hawkeye Cup Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming14
03.12.2022Gamla Kvarn Halsa Trophy Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming10
13.11.2022D7 Oppna Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson14
08.10.2022Hlins Hus Masters 2022 Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming12
10.09.2022Brokks Hus Champion 2022 Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson16
07.05.2022* Narke ligan Trofhy Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin19
18.04.2022Champion of the Penguins 2022 Orebro, NarkeHans Osterman31
19.02.2022Swedbank Open Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson23
12.02.2022Ivhall Hawkeye Cup Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming18
29.01.2022Sustainable Interaction Cup Orebro, NarkeGustaf Hermansson17
02.01.2022Gamla Kvarn Halsa Nyars Cup Orebro, NarkeGustaf Hermansson21
04.12.2021Boda Arkens Trophy Orebro, NarkeRichard Pedersen14
21.11.2021Hlins Hus Champion 2021 Orebro, NarkeStefan Lemming18
09.10.2021BM Maskinuthyrning Cup Orebro, NarkeAnders Pettersson12
25.09.2021Brokks hus Champion Orebro, NarkeRichard Pedersen15
07.03.2020Narkeligan 2019/20 #9 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin10
15.02.2020Narkeligan 2019/20 #8 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin16
25.01.2020Narkeligan 2019/20 #7 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin12
15.12.2019Narkeligan 2019/20 #6 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin14
30.11.2019Narkeligan 2019/20 #5 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin9
09.11.2019Narkeligan 2019/20 #4 Orebro, NarkeEddie Nilsson9
19.10.2019Narkeligan TT 2019 (Narkeligan 2019/20 #3) Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin18
28.09.2019Narkeligan 2019/20 #2 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin11
24.08.2019Narkeligan 2019/20 #1 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin17
14.04.2019Narkeligan "Tegelhusets Masters" Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin15
02.03.2019Narkeligan 2018/19 #7 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin8
02.02.2019Narkeligan 2018/19 #6 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin8
26.01.2019Narkeligan 2018/19 #5 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin14
01.12.2018Narkeligan 2018/19 #4 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin10
17.11.2018Narkeligan TT 2018 (Narkeligan 2018/19 #3) Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin23
20.10.2018Narkeligan 2018/19 #2 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin13
08.09.2018Narkeligan 2018/19 #1 Orebro, NarkeHenrik Nilsson14
05.05.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #10 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin10
28.04.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #9 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin7
17.03.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #8 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin9
03.02.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #7 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin7
23.01.2018* Narkeligan 2017/18 #6 Orebro, NarkeMicael Sundqvist6
10.12.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #5 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin9
25.11.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #4 Orebro, NarkeMicael Sundqvist13
14.10.2017Narkeligan TT 2017 (Narkeligan 2017/18 #3) Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin19
30.09.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #2 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin8
26.08.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #1 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin11

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