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Narkeligan SWE

1.1500Joakim Lundin
2.234Micael Sundqvist
3.112Henrik Nilsson
4.052Richard Pedersen
5.040Olof Blume
6.017Stefan Lemming
7.012Jerry Wikstrom
8.011Patrik Hellstrom
9.010Glenn Dahlberg
10.010Mikael Wiberg
11.001Anders Pettersson
12.001Jakob Jonsson

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (18 tournaments)
14.4.2019Narkeligan "Tegelhusets Masters" Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin15
2.3.2019Narkeligan 2018/19 #7 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin8
2.2.2019Narkeligan 2018/19 #6 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin8
26.1.2019Narkeligan 2018/19 #5 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin14
1.12.2018Narkeligan 2018/19 #4 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin10
17.11.2018Narkeligan TT 2018 (Narkeligan 2018/19 #3) Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin23
20.10.2018Narkeligan 2018/19 #2 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin13
8.9.2018Narkeligan 2018/19 #1 Orebro, NarkeHenrik Nilsson14
5.5.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #10 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin10
28.4.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #9 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin7
17.3.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #8 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin9
3.2.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #7 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin7
23.1.2018Narkeligan 2017/18 #6 Orebro, NarkeMicael Sundqvist6
10.12.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #5 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin9
25.11.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #4 Orebro, NarkeMicael Sundqvist13
14.10.2017Narkeligan TT 2017 (Narkeligan 2017/18 #3) Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin19
30.9.2017Narkeligan 2017/18 #2 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin8
26.8.2017* Narkeligan 2017/18 #1 Orebro, NarkeJoakim Lundin11

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