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3Tunaligan SWE

1.554Richard Pedersen
2.531Jimmy Mardell
3.524Henrik Nilsson
4.496Felix Wirstrom
5.422Jerry Wikstrom
6.301Peter Ostlund
7.212Kent Nyman
8.210Petter Bengtsson
9.130Joakim Lundin
10.111Mathias Blomquist
11.102Fredric Axelsson
12.101Emil Larsson
13.101Lars Soderkvist
14.100Markus Nilsson
15.042Robin Westergren
16.013Johan Johansson
17.010Anders Pettersson
18.010Eddie Nilsson
19.010Patrik Hellstrom
20.010Rikard Nasselkvist
21.002Stefan Lemming
22.001Filip Wirstrom
23.001Glenn Dahlberg
24.001Jimmy Douz
25.001Micael Sundqvist
26.001Tomas Fagerlind
27.001Wilhelm Possl

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (36 tournaments)
02.05.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #18 (A Game Of Thrones) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandRichard Pedersen10
18.04.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #17 (The Winds Of Summer) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandHenrik Nilsson11
04.04.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #16 (Battle Of The Bastards) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJoakim Lundin10
24.03.20183Tunaligan TT 2018 (3Tunaligan 2017/18 #15) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJimmy Mardell16
21.03.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #14 (Breaker Of Chains) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandHenrik Nilsson12
07.03.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #13 (Valar Dohaeris) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandHenrik Nilsson14
21.02.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #12 (Valar Morghulis) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandLars Soderkvist8
07.02.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #11 (Winter Is Coming) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandRichard Pedersen9
24.01.20183Tunaligan 2017/18 #10 (A Song Of Ice And Fire) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandHenrik Nilsson12
13.12.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #9 (Luke I Am Your Father) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJimmy Mardell18
29.11.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #8 (The Force Is Strong With This One) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJimmy Mardell11
15.11.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #7 (Obi-Wan Has Taught You Well) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJimmy Mardell7
01.11.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #6 Eskilstuna, SodermanlandPetter Bengtsson15
18.10.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #5 (You Were The Chosen One) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandFelix Wirstrom9
04.10.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #4 (Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandRichard Pedersen9
20.09.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #3 (You cant win Darth) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandFelix Wirstrom11
06.09.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #2 (I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandRichard Pedersen12
23.08.20173Tunaligan 2017/18 #1 (May The Force Be With You) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJimmy Mardell14
03.05.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #18 (One ring to rule them all) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandPeter Ostlund16
19.04.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #17 (He poured his cruelty, his malice) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandPetter Bengtsson12
05.04.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #16 (A master ring to control all others) Orebro, NarkeRichard Pedersen10
22.03.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #15 (For another ring was made) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandHenrik Nilsson14
09.03.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #14 (But they were all of them deceived) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJerry Wikstrom7
22.02.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #13 (And will to govern each race) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJerry Wikstrom10
08.02.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #12 (For within these rings was bound the strength) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandMathias Blomquist14
25.01.20173Tunaligan 2016/17 #11 (Who above all else desire power) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandKent Nyman10
07.01.20173Tuna Della Sport Cup Annual Memorial Open 2017 Eskilstuna, SodermanlandMarkus Nilsson50
21.12.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #9 (Nine rings were gifted to the race of men) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJerry Wikstrom11
08.12.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #8 (Immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandJerry Wikstrom10
23.11.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #7 (It began with the forging of the great rings) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandFelix Wirstrom9
09.11.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #6 (For none now lives who remembers it) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandFelix Wirstrom8
26.10.2016* 3Tunaligan 2016/17 #5 (Much that once was is lost) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandKent Nyman10
12.10.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #4 (I smell it in the air) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandPeter Ostlund17
28.09.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #3 (I feel it in the earth) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandFredric Axelsson16
14.09.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #2 (I feel it in the water) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandPeter Ostlund20
31.08.20163Tunaligan 2016/17 #1 (The world is changing) Eskilstuna, SodermanlandEmil Larsson15

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