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Vladislav Semenchuk
The best rank ever (actual)297.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Juniors ranking35.
Club THC Lisovi Haschi
Country Ukraine
City Uzin
Birth year 2000
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Vladislav Semenchuk

Tournaments ordered by date (21 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
13.1.2018Kursk Cup 2018 World Tour
Kursk Cup
Kursk (RUS)27. (103)553
16.12.2017Kyiv Championships 2017/18 #1 Kyiv ChampionshipsKyiv (UKR)2. (11)312
10.12.2017Russian Championships 2017/18 #2 Russian ChampionshipsMoscow (RUS)34. (72)465
3.12.2017Riga Cup 2017 World Tour
World Tour Super Series
Riga Cup
Riga (LAT)125. (257)341
25.11.2017Ukraine Championships 2017/18 #3 Ukraine ChampionshipsKharkiv (UKR)15. (23)242
11.11.2017St. Petersburg Open 2017 World Tour
World Tour Majors
St. Petersburg (RUS)53. (119)498
4.11.2017Lviv Cup 2017 Federation Cup
Lviv Cup
Lviv (UKR)2. (9)423
21.10.2017Ukraine Championships 2017/18 #2 Ukraine ChampionshipsOdesa (UKR)5. (21)458
8.10.2017Palace of Pioneers #6 Lisovi Haschi LeagueKyiv (UKR)3. (7)307
23.9.2017Ukraine Championships 2017/18 #1 Ukraine ChampionshipsMariupol (UKR)8. (30)394
4.8.2017Kyiv Summer Cup 2017 Kiev Summer CupKyiv (UKR)8. (9)58
9.6.2017A-Team Training Camp #2 A-Team Training CampKyiv (UKR)6. (6)1
5.6.2017Kharkiv Cup 2017 Kharkiv CupKharkiv (UKR)11. (14)97
28.5.2017Palace of Pioneers #5 Lisovi Haschi LeagueKyiv (UKR)4. (7)33
27.5.2017Kyiv Championships 2016/17 #5 Kyiv ChampionshipsKyiv (UKR)11. (14)58
21.5.2017Kharkiv Championships 2016/17 #4 Kharkiv ChampionshipsKharkiv (UKR)3. (10)151
14.5.2017Kyiv Championships 2016/17 #4 Kyiv ChampionshipsKyiv (UKR)8. (11)87
29.4.2017Kyiv Board Hockey League #4 Kyiv Board Hockey LeagueKyiv (UKR)4. (8)54
9.4.2017Ukraine Championships 2016/17 Juniors Ukraine Championships JuniorsKyiv (UKR)7. (7)1
5.3.2017Palace of Pioneers #4 Lisovi Haschi LeagueKyiv (UKR)7. (9)11
26.2.2017Kiev Juniors Cup Winter 2017 Kiev Juniors CupKyiv (UKR)7. (8)4

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 6 years count, points are lowered by time coefficient)

Summary of player's team results
24.9.2017Devyaty valUkraine Championships 2017/18 Teams1. (5)
16.6.2017Ukraine JuniorsWorld Championships 2017 Junior Teams1. (9)