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THC Lisovi Haschi UKR
Club rank: 5.
City: Kyiv
Contact person: Oleksandr Martynenko
Mail address: mail
no club web page available

Players ranked at the ranking (13)
Rank Points
11.Dmytro Litvinyuk4281
25.Mykhaylo Spivakovskyy3886
36.Yevhen Levdansky3746
59.Anton Umanskyy3523
100.Vladislav Semenchuk3185
181.Viktoriya Noselivska2828
218.Sergey Sammal2682
562.Anton Kiselyov1653
747.Yevhen Rykun1229
1007.Viktor Levdansky794
1432.Dmitriy Barahov391
2227.Oleksandr Martynenko144
10731.Vyacheslav Levdansky1

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking
no players were found

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
4.3.2018THC Lisovi HaschiWorld Championships 2018 Clubs4. (23)
14.1.2018THC Lisovi HaschiRussian Championships 2018 Teams3. (18)
19.3.2017THC Lisovi HaschiRussian Championships 2017 Teams5. (24)
13.3.2016THC Lisovi HaschiRussian Championships 2016 Teams8. (20)
10.1.2016THC Lisovi HaschiWorld Championships 2016 Clubs5. (23)
13.12.2015THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2015/16 Teams1. (7)
2.5.2015THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2015 Teams1. (5)
15.3.2015THC Lisovi HaschiRussian Championships 2015 Teams8. (24)
14.2.2015Team LevdanskyDoubles Cup #11. (8)
14.2.2015Team Litvinyuk-UmanskyyDoubles Cup #12. (8)
14.2.2015Team Spivakovskyy-NoselivskaDoubles Cup #14. (8)
24.8.2014THC Lisovi HaschiOdesa Cup 2014 Teams2. (6)
3.5.2014THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2014 Teams1. (5)
12.4.2014THC Lisovi HaschiWorld Championships 2014 Clubs14. (31)
26.5.2013THC Lisovi Haschi IIUkraine Championships 2013 Teams1. (7)
26.5.2013THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2013 Teams4. (7)
13.5.2012THC Lisovi HaschiWorld Championships 2012 Clubs7. (17)
5.3.2011THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2011 Teams1. (10)
1.5.2010THC Lisovi HaschiWorld Championships 2010 Clubs12. (26)
24.1.2010THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2010 Teams1. (5)
22.11.2009THC Lisovi HaschiRussian Championships 2009 Teams7. (15)
31.1.2009THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2009 Teams1. (11)
10.5.2008THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2008 Teams4. (10)
3.3.2007THC Lisovi HaschiUkrainian Table THL 2007 #1 Teams1. (5)
3.3.2007THC Lisovi Haschi IIUkrainian Table THL 2007 #1 Teams3. (5)
6.5.2006THC Lisovi HaschiUkraine Championships 2006 Teams5. (12)

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