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Ukraine (UKR) UKR
National team rank 2.
Ladies national team rank 4.
Junior national team rank 1.
Veteran national team rank 3.
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Tournaments played during last month
1.10.2022Kharkiv Championships 2022/23 #1 KharkivIgor Martynenko4

Tournaments scheduled on next month

no tournaments were found

The best players
3.Oleksii Korabel4073
4.Evgeniy Matantsev4038
8.Dmytro Marmaliuk3945
12.Roman Ignatenko3730
21.Anton Umanskyy3495

  The best juniors
1.Evgeniy Matantsev4038
7.Hanna Ivantsova2938
12.Artem Matantsev2690
22.Ruslan Kobchuk2297
53.Maxim Karpus1383

The best ladies
2.Hanna Ivantsova2938
24.Viktoriya Noselivska1393
26.Anastasiya Garkovska1374
37.Oksana Derkach980
43.Polina Kvasnikova842

  The best veterans
7.Mykhaylo Spivakovskyy3243
21.Mykhaylo Shalomayev2679
31.Nazar Kondrashevskyi2567
50.Oleksii Husak2376
59.Vitaliy Sapozhnikov2327

The best clubs
5.THC Nertus13029
23.Devyaty val10635

Series of tournaments (125)
All-Ukrainian THL
Antoshka Championships
A-Team Training Camp
Berta Cup
Break the Ice
Break the Ice Juniors
Cheremushki Cup
Christmas Dnepr Tournaments
Christmas Tree Tournament
Cossack Funs
Diamantova Shaiba
Dmytro Bardievskyi Memorial Tournaments
Dnepropetrovsk THL
Dnipro Cup
Dnipro District Championships
Don Bosco Cup
Donbass Cup
Federation Cup
Great Seech Cup
Jack Cup
Kaponir Cup
KDV Challenge Cup
KhaMa Cup
Kharkiv 136th School Tournaments
Kharkiv Championships
Kharkiv Cup
Kirovohrad Challenge
Kirovohrad Championships
Kirovohrad Cup
Kirovohrad League
Kirovohrad League Juniors
Kirovohradoblrada Tournaments
KLO League
Komsomolka Cup
Kramatorsk Championships
Kyiv Board Hockey League
Kyiv Championships
Kyiv Cup
Kyiv Juniors Cup
Kyiv Kids Cup
Kyiv New Wave
Kyiv Street Fighting
Kyiv Summer Cup
Kyiv Super-juniors Cup
Kyiv Super-Kids Cup
Kyiv TH School
Kyiv Tournaments Women
Kyiv-Odesa Games
Kyrovohrad Championships Juniors
Kyrovohrad Championships Kids
Kyrovohrad Championships Women Juniors
L-100 Tournaments
Lake Summer Cup
Lisova Galyavyna Cup Juniors
Lisova Galyavyna Cup Kids
Lisovi Haschi League
Lisovi Haschi Training
Lviv Cup
MakSmak Tournaments
Marganets Open
Marganets Rocks Tournaments
Marganets Rocks Tournaments Juniors
Marganets Tournaments
Mariupol Championships
Moon Cup
Nertus Championships
Nertus Championships Juniors
Nertus Opening Cup
New Bavaria Open
New Years Ferret
Odesa Championships
Odesa Championships Juniors
Odesa Cup
Odesa Cup Teams
Odesa NHL
Old Kyiv Championships
Origin Cup
Periwinkle Christmas Cup
Popasna Championships
Prostokvashino Cup
Rempo Championships
Rendezvous Tournament
Rubizhne Cup
Rubizhne THL
Rubizhne THL Kids
Sakhnovschina Championships Juniors
Seigniors Cup
Shaleni Bdzholy Championships
Sievierodonetsk Championships
Slay Cup
Sorochino Cup
Spalek Open
Sport-Express League
To the Day of Independence
Ukraine Championships
Ukraine Championships Juniors
Ukraine Championships Kids
Ukraine Championships SuperVeterans
Ukraine Championships Teams
Ukraine Championships Veterans
Ukraine Championships Women
Ukraine Championships Women Juniors
Ukraine Cup
Ukraine Doubles Cup
Ukraine Juniors Championship Tour
Ukraine Veterans Championship Tour
Ukrainian Childs festival
Ukrainian Master Class Tournaments
Ukrainian Second WW Serial
Ukrainian THL
Ukrainian THL Teams
Ukrainian Tournaments SuperVeterans
UTHL Kursk-Kharkiv-Mariupol
Veritas Cup
Vvedenka Open
Without Limits
Wolf Cup
Zaporozhets Open
Zaporozhye THA
Zatoka Challenger series
Zolotaya Klushka
Zymovi Rozvagy

Summary of national team results
11.6.2022UkraineEuropean Championships 2022 Teams5. (10)
10.6.2022Ukraine WomenEuropean Championships 2022 Women Teams1. (4)
10.6.2022Ukraine JuniorsEuropean Championships 2022 Junior Teams2. (6)
10.6.2022Ukraine VeteransEuropean Championships 2022 Veteran Teams4. (7)
14.8.2021UkraineWorld Championships 2021 Teams2. (9)
13.8.2021Ukraine JuniorsWorld Championships 2021 Juniors Teams1. (4)
13.8.2021Ukraine WomenWorld Championships 2021 Women Teams2. (4)
13.8.2021Ukraine VeteransWorld Championships 2021 Veteran Teams4. (8)
15.6.2019UkraineWorld Championships 2019 Teams2. (12)
14.6.2019Ukraine JuniorsWorld Championships 2019 Juniors Teams1. (6)
14.6.2019Ukraine WomenWorld Championships 2019 Women Teams2. (5)
14.6.2019Ukraine VeteransWorld Championships 2019 Veterans Teams3. (12)
16.6.2018UkraineEuropean Championships 2018 Teams4. (11)
15.6.2018Ukraine JuniorsEuropean Championships 2018 Junior Teams2. (8)
15.6.2018Ukraine VeteransEuropean Championships 2018 Veteran Teams8. (10)
16.6.2017Ukraine JuniorsWorld Championships 2017 Junior Teams1. (9)
16.6.2017UkraineWorld Championships 2017 Teams3. (15)
16.6.2017Ukraine WomenWorld Championships 2017 Women Teams4. (5)
16.6.2017Ukraine VeteransWorld Championships 2017 Veteran Teams9. (14)
18.6.2016UkraineEuropean Championships 2016 Teams5. (11)
17.6.2016Ukraine WomenEuropean Championships 2016 Women Teams2. (5)
17.6.2016Ukraine JuniorsEuropean Championships 2016 Junior Teams2. (9)
17.6.2016Ukraine VeteransEuropean Championships 2016 Veteran Teams8. (11)
13.6.2015UkraineWorld Championships 2015 Teams7. (13)
12.6.2015Ukraine WomenWorld Championships 2015 Women Teams2. (4)
12.6.2015Ukraine JuniorsWorld Championships 2015 Junior Teams4. (6)
12.6.2015Ukraine VeteransWorld Championships 2015 Veteran Teams8. (11)
7.6.2014UkraineEuropean Championships 2014 Teams5. (11)
6.6.2014Ukraine JuniorsEuropean Championships 2014 Junior Teams1. (9)
6.6.2014Ukraine VeteransEuropean Championships 2014 Veteran Teams5. (11)
9.6.2013Ukraine JuniorsWorld Championships 2013 Junior Teams4. (7)
9.6.2013UkraineWorld Championships 2013 Teams6. (15)
10.6.2012Ukraine JuniorsEuropean Championships 2012 Junior Teams2. (6)
10.6.2012Ukraine VeteransEuropean Championships 2012 Veteran Teams4. (8)
10.6.2012Ukraine WomenEuropean Championships 2012 Women Teams4. (4)
10.6.2012UkraineEuropean Championships 2012 Teams6. (10)
11.6.2011UkraineWorld Championships 2011 Teams7. (12)
11.6.2011Ukraine JuniorsWorld Championships 2011 Junior Teams7. (7)
5.3.2011Ukraine WomenUkraine Championships 2011 Teams9. (10)
12.6.2010Ukraine VeteransEuropean Championships 2010 Veteran Teams5. (5)
12.6.2010UkraineEuropean Championships 2010 Teams7. (8)
14.6.2009UkraineWorld Championships 2009 Teams6. (15)
13.6.2009Ukraine VeteransWorld Championships 2009 Veteran Teams5. (10)
15.6.2008UkraineEuropean Championships 2008 Teams6. (10)
10.6.2007UkraineWorld Championships 2007 Teams9. (15)
4.6.2006UkraineEuropean Championships 2006 Teams5. (12)
5.6.2005UkraineWorld Championships 2005 Teams12. (16)

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