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Kirovohrad League Juniors UKR

1.910Taras Kudelya
2.400Dmytro Yezhkov
3.262Artem Artemenko
4.223Max Shevchuk
5.210Vadym Goncharov
6.201Artem Kuzenko
7.130Andriy Zubchenko Jr.
8.100Igor Kalin
9.033Dmytro Mykhaylov
10.012Ivan Belyk
11.012Yevhen Fritcher
12.011Andriy Makarenko
13.011Oleksandr Polovoy
14.011Oleksandr Provorov
15.010Artem Zhylka
16.010Igor Serekov
17.002Oleksandr Profatylov
18.001Anton Bondarev
19.001Max Oreshkyn
20.001Oleksandr Oliynyk
21.001Roman Levchuk
22.001Serhiy Chornomaz

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (23 tournaments)
19.8.2005Kirovohrad League #23 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya16
13.8.2005Kirovohrad League #22 Juniors KirovohradArtem Artemenko12
5.8.2005Kirovohrad League #21 Juniors KirovohradArtem Kuzenko12
31.7.2005Kirovohrad League #20 Juniors KirovohradDmytro Yezhkov10
30.7.2005Kirovohrad League #19 Juniors KirovohradMax Shevchuk18
24.7.2005Kirovohrad League #18 Juniors KirovohradDmytro Yezhkov11
22.7.2005Kirovohrad League #17 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya15
14.7.2005Kirovohrad League #16 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya15
8.7.2005Kirovohrad League #15 Juniors KirovohradArtem Kuzenko12
2.7.2005Kirovohrad League #14 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya9
25.6.2005Kirovohrad League #13 Juniors KirovohradIgor Kalin4
11.6.2005Kirovohrad League #12 Juniors KirovohradArtem Artemenko17
5.6.2005Kirovohrad League #11 Juniors KirovohradDmytro Yezhkov7
4.6.2005Kirovohrad League #10 Juniors KirovohradMax Shevchuk10
4.6.2005Kirovohrad League #9 Juniors KirovohradVadym Goncharov11
28.5.2005Kirovohrad League #8 Juniors KirovohradVadym Goncharov9
21.5.2005Kirovohrad League #7 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya11
15.5.2005Kirovohrad League #6 Juniors KirovohradDmytro Yezhkov8
23.1.2005Kirovohrad League #4 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya4
23.1.2005Kirovohrad League #5 Juniors KirovohradAndriy Zubchenko Jr.4
7.11.2004Kirovohrad League #3 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya7
31.10.2004Kirovohrad League #2 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya7
24.10.2004Kirovohrad League #1 Juniors KirovohradTaras Kudelya8

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