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Old Kyiv Championships UKR

1.800Oleksii Gusak
2.132Dmytro Kudrytsky
3.030Anatoliy Tishaev
4.022Oleg Dorichenko
5.010Fedor Chernochenko
6.003Gleb Baybaev
7.002Mikhail Kravchuk

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (9 tournaments)
19.11.2000Kyiv Championships 2000 #5 KyivOleksii Gusak9
22.10.2000Kyiv Championships 2000 #4 KyivOleksii Gusak9
16.7.2000Kyiv Championships 2000 #3 KyivOleksii Gusak9
18.6.2000Kyiv Championships 2000 #2 KyivOleksii Gusak9
27.2.2000Kyiv Championships 2000 #1 KyivDmytro Kudrytsky9
19.12.1999Kyiv Championships 1999 #4 KyivOleksii Gusak7
7.11.1999Kyiv Championships 1999 #3 KyivOleksii Gusak8
12.9.1999Kyiv Championships 1999 #2 KyivOleksii Gusak11
16.5.1999Kyiv Championships 1999 #1 KyivOleksii Gusak13

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