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Kyiv Juniors Cup UKR

1.901Hanna Ivantsova
2.353Ruslan Kobchuk
3.144Maxim Karpus
4.120Volodymyr Volkovyy
5.110Sonya Sokirskaya
6.010Bogdan Katsarov
7.010Olexandr Onishchenko
8.010Vlad Bykanov
9.002Mykhailo Palchevskii
10.002Ulyana Fedotova
11.002Yan Goryanskiy
12.001Alexandr Schepanyuk

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (15 tournaments)
27.10.2019Kyiv Juniors Cup 2019/20 #1 KyivMaxim Karpus4
02.06.2019Kyiv Juniors Cup 2018/19 #5 KyivHanna Ivantsova6
14.04.2019Kyiv Juniors Cup 2018/19 #4 KyivSonya Sokirskaya6
10.02.2019Kyiv Juniors Cup 2018/19 #3 KyivHanna Ivantsova6
23.12.2018Kyiv Juniors Cup 2018/19 #2 KyivHanna Ivantsova6
25.11.2018Kyiv Juniors Cup 2018/19 #1 KyivRuslan Kobchuk7
26.05.2018Kyiv Juniors Cup 2017/18 #5 KyivHanna Ivantsova5
22.04.2018Kyiv Juniors Cup 2017/18 #4 KyivHanna Ivantsova3
18.02.2018Kyiv Juniors Cup 2017/18 #3 KyivHanna Ivantsova5
16.12.2017Kyiv Juniors Cup 2017/18 #2 CherkassyRuslan Kobchuk5
15.10.2017Kyiv Juniors Cup 2017/18 #1 KyivHanna Ivantsova6
06.06.2017Kyiv Juniors Cup Summer 2017 KyivRuslan Kobchuk5
29.04.2017Kyiv Juniors Cup Spring 2017 KyivHanna Ivantsova4
29.04.2017Kyiv Juniors League Spring 2017 KyivHanna Ivantsova8
26.02.2017Kyiv Juniors Cup Winter 2017 KyivVolodymyr Volkovyy8

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