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St. Petersburg Open RUS

1.321Maxim Borisov
2.211Nikita Zholobov
3.202Alexey Zaharov
4.120Denis Matveev
5.110Ahti Lampi
6.110Andrey Voskoboynikov
7.102Yanis Galuzo
8.100Nikita Pavlov
9.100Oleg Dmitrichenko
10.012Oleg Ortinov
11.011Edgars Caics
12.011Ivan Zaharov
13.010Dmitriy Petrov
14.010German Fokin
15.010Matiss Saulitis
16.001Alexey Titov
17.001Anton Kiselyov
18.001Atis Silis
19.001Dmytro Marmaliuk
20.001Pavel Fedorov
21.001Sergey Ivanov
22.001Veniamin Gerasimov

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (13 tournaments)
7.11.2021St. Petersburg Open 2021 St. PetersburgDenis Matveev64
3.4.2021St. Petersburg Open 2020 (Open Cup of Russia 2020/21 #3) St. PetersburgNikita Pavlov55
2.11.2019St. Petersburg Open 2019 St. PetersburgNikita Zholobov127
3.11.2018St. Petersburg Open 2018 St. PetersburgNikita Zholobov138
11.11.2017St. Petersburg Open 2017 St. PetersburgMaxim Borisov119
13.11.2016St. Petersburg Open 2016webSt. PetersburgAlexey Zaharov105
14.11.2015* St. Petersburg Open 2015 St. PetersburgMaxim Borisov97
15.11.2014St. Petersburg Open 2014webSt. PetersburgMaxim Borisov88
16.11.2013St. Petersburg Open 2013 St. PetersburgAlexey Zaharov86
17.11.2012St. Petersburg Open 2012 St. PetersburgAhti Lampi94
12.11.2011St. Petersburg Open 2011/12 St. PetersburgOleg Dmitrichenko118
7.5.2011St. Petersburg Open 2011 St. PetersburgAndrey Voskoboynikov84
15.5.2010St. Petersburg Open 2010webSt. PetersburgYanis Galuzo86

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