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Latvia (LAT) LAT
National team rank 1.
Ladies national team rank 2.
Junior national team rank 1.
Veteran national team rank 5.
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Tournaments played during last month
9.9.2023Amatieru Liga 2023/24 #1 IncukalnsRainers Martuzans17
9.9.2023Latvian Cup 2023/24 #1 IncukalnsSandis Kristaps Lagzdins66
15.9.2023Incukalns League 2023/24 #1 IncukalnsHaralds Gals15
16.9.2023Valmiera Cup 2023 #4 ValmieraSandis Krasts22

Tournaments scheduled on next month

no tournaments were found

The best players
1.Rainers Kalnins4433
3.Edgars Caics4332
7.Raivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"4104
8.Sandis Kristaps Lagzdins4064
11.Atis Silis3890

  The best juniors
3.Regnars Vazolins3639
4.Lukass Jurka3479
5.Toms Baumanis3475
6.Krista Annija Lagzdina3287
7.Edgars Naglis3176

The best ladies
1.Krista Annija Lagzdina3287
8.Elena Racenaja2330
12.Laima Kamzola1931
21.Margarita Abele1572
24.Katrina Lihacova1261

  The best veterans
15.Aleksandrs Zernovojs2889
23.Sandis Kalnins2754
29.Sergejs Mihejevs2704
31.Salvis Skarainis2664
48.Sandis Krasts2452

The best clubs
1.BJC Laimite16391
5.VJN Ventspils13855
6.Incukalns THC13612
8.Burtnieku MJIC12579
20.Skrunda THC11509

Series of tournaments (74)
Amatieru Liga
Balozi Tournaments
Chajnyj Summer Cup
Cinema RIO Trophy
Citadele Bank Tournaments
Code Tournaments
Ergeme Parish Championships
Ericsson Latvia League
Galu League
IIHF WCh 2006 Fans Tournaments
Incukalns Challenge
Incukalns Championships
Incukalns League
Incukalns School Championships
Jekabpils Tournaments
Koknese Tournaments
Laimite Tournaments
Laimites Ripa Juniors Tournaments
Laimites Ripa Kids Tournaments
Latvia Open
Latvian Championships
Latvian Championships Junior Teams
Latvian Championships Juniors
Latvian Championships School Teams
Latvian Championships Teams
Latvian Championships Veterans
Latvian Championships Women
Latvian Cup
Latvian Old Fox Championships
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Mentos Tournaments
Nexum Championships
Nice Castle League
OC Ventspils Cup
OC Ventspils Cup Juniors
OC Ventspils Cup Kids
Priekulji League
Riga Championships
Riga Championships Teams
Riga Cup
Riga Home Training Tournaments
Riga THC Tournaments
Rigas 69.pamatskola
Rikor Tournaments
Rimi Cup
Rinuzi School Tournaments
RTU Championships
Skaistkalne Championships
Skrunda Championships
Skrunda Secondary School Championships
Skrunda Training
Valmiera Championships
Valmiera Championships Kids
Valmiera Cup
Valmieras KZDC
Valmieras KZDC Kids
Ventspils Championships
Ventspils Championships Juniors
Ventspils Championships Veterans
Ventspils Championships Women
Ventspils District Championships
Ventspils District Championships Juniors
Ventspils District Championships Women Juniors
Ventspils Friendly Tournaments
Ventspils Jaunrades Nams
Ventspils School Tournaments
Ventspils THC League
Ventspils THC Ugale YC
Vidzemes JC turniri
Vidzemes Open
Viesite Tournaments

Summary of national team results
17.6.2023LatviaWorld Championships 2023 Teams1. (10)
16.6.2023Latvia JuniorsWorld Championships 2023 Juniors1. (5)
16.6.2023Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2023 Women Teams2. (6)
16.6.2023Latvia VeteransWorld Championships 2023 Veterans Teams5. (8)
11.6.2022LatviaEuropean Championships 2022 Teams1. (10)
10.6.2022Latvia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2022 Junior Teams1. (6)
10.6.2022Latvia VeteransEuropean Championships 2022 Veteran Teams2. (7)
10.6.2022Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2022 Women Teams3. (4)
14.8.2021LatviaWorld Championships 2021 Teams1. (9)
13.8.2021Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2021 Women Teams4. (4)
13.8.2021Latvia JuniorsWorld Championships 2021 Juniors Teams4. (4)
13.8.2021Latvia VeteransWorld Championships 2021 Veteran Teams5. (8)
15.6.2019LatviaWorld Championships 2019 Teams3. (12)
14.6.2019Latvia JuniorsWorld Championships 2019 Juniors Teams3. (6)
14.6.2019Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2019 Women Teams3. (5)
14.6.2019Latvia VeteransWorld Championships 2019 Veterans Teams4. (12)
16.6.2018LatviaEuropean Championships 2018 Teams2. (11)
15.6.2018Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2018 Women Teams2. (3)
15.6.2018Latvia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2018 Junior Teams5. (8)
15.6.2018Latvia VeteransEuropean Championships 2018 Veteran Teams7. (10)
16.6.2017Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2017 Women Teams1. (5)
16.6.2017Latvia VeteransWorld Championships 2017 Veteran Teams4. (14)
16.6.2017LatviaWorld Championships 2017 Teams4. (15)
16.6.2017Latvia JuniorsWorld Championships 2017 Junior Teams7. (9)
18.6.2016LatviaEuropean Championships 2016 Teams2. (11)
17.6.2016Latvia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2016 Junior Teams3. (9)
17.6.2016Latvia VeteransEuropean Championships 2016 Veteran Teams4. (11)
17.6.2016Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2016 Women Teams4. (5)
13.6.2015LatviaWorld Championships 2015 Teams3. (13)
12.6.2015Latvia JuniorsWorld Championships 2015 Junior Teams2. (6)
12.6.2015Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2015 Women Teams3. (4)
12.6.2015Latvia VeteransWorld Championships 2015 Veteran Teams6. (11)
7.6.2014LatviaEuropean Championships 2014 Teams1. (11)
6.6.2014Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2014 Women Teams3. (4)
6.6.2014Latvia VeteransEuropean Championships 2014 Veteran Teams3. (11)
6.6.2014Latvia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2014 Junior Teams3. (9)
9.6.2013Latvia JuniorsWorld Championships 2013 Junior Teams2. (7)
9.6.2013Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2013 Women Teams2. (4)
9.6.2013LatviaWorld Championships 2013 Teams2. (15)
9.6.2013Latvia VeteransWorld Championships 2013 Veteran Teams7. (9)
10.6.2012LatviaEuropean Championships 2012 Teams2. (10)
10.6.2012Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2012 Women Teams3. (4)
10.6.2012Latvia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2012 Junior Teams4. (6)
10.6.2012Latvia VeteransEuropean Championships 2012 Veteran Teams5. (8)
11.6.2011Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2011 Women Teams3. (3)
11.6.2011LatviaWorld Championships 2011 Teams3. (12)
11.6.2011Latvia JuniorsWorld Championships 2011 Junior Teams5. (7)
12.6.2010Latvia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2010 Junior Teams2. (6)
12.6.2010Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2010 Women Teams2. (4)
12.6.2010LatviaEuropean Championships 2010 Teams3. (8)
14.6.2009LatviaWorld Championships 2009 Teams2. (15)
13.6.2009Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2009 Women Teams3. (6)
13.6.2009Latvia VeteransWorld Championships 2009 Veteran Teams4. (10)
15.6.2008LatviaEuropean Championships 2008 Teams5. (10)
14.6.2008Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2008 Women Teams3. (4)
13.6.2008Latvia VeteransEuropean Championships 2008 Veteran Teams5. (6)
15.3.2008Latvia WomenLatvian Championships 2008 Teams15. (24)
10.6.2007Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2007 Women Teams4. (4)
10.6.2007LatviaWorld Championships 2007 Teams5. (15)
4.6.2006Latvia WomenEuropean Championships 2006 Women Teams2. (4)
4.6.2006LatviaEuropean Championships 2006 Teams3. (12)
5.6.2005Latvia WomenWorld Championships 2005 Women Teams4. (6)
5.6.2005LatviaWorld Championships 2005 Teams6. (16)
21.5.2005Latvia JuniorsLatvian Championships 2005 Teams2. (15)
3.4.2004Latvia JuniorsLatvian Championships 2004 Teams1. (15)
8.6.2003LatviaWorld Championships 2003 Teams6. (14)
5.4.2003Latvia JuniorsLatvian Championships 2003 Teams3. (13)
2.6.2001LatviaWorld Championships 2001 Teams5. (13)

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