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Norway (NOR) NOR
National team rank 7.
Ladies national team rank 10.
Junior national team rank 8.
Veteran national team rank 5.
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Tournaments played during last month
17.10.2018Bergensliga Autumn 2018 #9 BergenTrond Ove Gangsoy4
17.10.2018Jarliga 2018/19 #6 KvernalandMagnus Klippen3
20.10.2018Bergen Open 2018 BergenMagnus Klippen16
24.10.2018Bergensliga Autumn 2018 #10 BergenArne Johannes Holmin4
24.10.2018Jarliga 2018/19 #7 KvernalandMagnus Klippen3
31.10.2018Bergensliga Autumn 2018 #11 BergenArne Johannes Holmin7
31.10.2018Jarliga 2018/19 #8 KvernalandMagnus Klippen3
7.11.2018Bergensliga Autumn 2018 #12 BergenEspen Eidsnes5

Tournaments scheduled on next month

no tournaments were found

The best players
52.Magnus Klippen3587
64.Yngve Aasheim3475
110.Oystein Klippen3180
116.Vegard Klippen3150
127.Amund Risa Fylling3111

  The best juniors
13.Oystein Klippen3180
83.Daniel Nygard1429
143.Bjarte Tjessem710
149.Jac Malvin Salvesen695
150.Tobias Risa Fylling691

The best ladies
30.Anne Grethe Gangsoy1323
346.Johanne Friestad36
406.Sigrid Kverneland29
430.Mari Fjermestad26
449.Ingrid Rame24

  The best veterans
11.Yngve Aasheim3475
36.Espen Moe3073
49.Arne Johannes Holmin2901
70.Daniel Remmem2667
92.Jorn Moldvar2506

The best clubs
24.Brent Plast BHK12655
35.Trondheim BHK11254
41.Hodd BHK10471
59.BHK Graaveir8654
68.Jaren Bordhockey8092

Series of tournaments (68)
Asplan Viak Open
BearingPoint Oslo Annual
Bedriftsliga Norge
Bergen Championships Juniors
Bergen Championships Schools
Bergen Championships Students
Bergen Student League
Bergen Training League
Bizarro City Internliga
Brent Plast Hoggorms Training League
Brent Plast Training League
F2 Tournaments
Fjermestad League
Haua BHL
IndEcol Open
Isotop Open
Jaren Bordhockey Training League
Jaren Sumarliga
Jaren Treningsliga
JBHL Losers League
JBHL Premier League
Jern & Metall Internliga
KM Bergen
KM Jaren
KM Oslo
Maurholen League
Minde Muthapuckers Training League
NHFHS League
Nordnes Open
North Sea Open
Norway Open
Norwegian Championships
Norwegian Championships Juniors
Norwegian Championships Kids
Norwegian Championships League Cup
Norwegian Championships Teams
Norwegian Championships Veterans
Norwegian Championships Women
Norwegian Junior Elite Tournaments
Norwegian NBL
Oslo Open Juniors
Oslo Open Veterans
Oslo Open Women
Pulpit Rock Sudden Death Tournaments
Sogndal BHL
Solberget Open
Tonsberg BHL
Tonsberg Sommerliga
Tonsberg-Skien IKL
Trondheim Tournaments
Volda Open
Westpoint Vampires League

Summary of national team results
16.6.2018NorwayEuropean Championships 2018 Teams8. (11)
15.6.2018Norway VeteransEuropean Championships 2018 Veteran Teams3. (10)
15.6.2018Norway JuniorsEuropean Championships 2018 Junior Teams7. (8)
16.6.2017Norway JuniorsWorld Championships 2017 Junior Teams3. (9)
16.6.2017Norway VeteransWorld Championships 2017 Veteran Teams6. (14)
16.6.2017NorwayWorld Championships 2017 Teams9. (15)
18.6.2016NorwayEuropean Championships 2016 Teams7. (11)
17.6.2016Norway JuniorsEuropean Championships 2016 Junior Teams5. (9)
17.6.2016Norway VeteransEuropean Championships 2016 Veteran Teams7. (11)
13.6.2015NorwayWorld Championships 2015 Teams6. (13)
7.6.2014NorwayEuropean Championships 2014 Teams8. (11)
6.6.2014Norway JuniorsEuropean Championships 2014 Junior Teams6. (9)
6.6.2014Norway VeteransEuropean Championships 2014 Veteran Teams6. (11)
9.6.2013Norway VeteransWorld Championships 2013 Veteran Teams3. (9)
9.6.2013Norway JuniorsWorld Championships 2013 Junior Teams6. (7)
9.6.2013NorwayWorld Championships 2013 Teams7. (15)
10.6.2012NorwayEuropean Championships 2012 Teams7. (10)
11.6.2011NorwayWorld Championships 2011 Teams5. (12)
12.6.2010NorwayEuropean Championships 2010 Teams6. (8)
14.6.2009NorwayWorld Championships 2009 Teams8. (15)
15.6.2008NorwayEuropean Championships 2008 Teams8. (10)
10.6.2007NorwayWorld Championships 2007 Teams6. (15)
5.6.2005NorwayWorld Championships 2005 Teams5. (16)
8.6.2003NorwayWorld Championships 2003 Teams2. (14)
28.4.2002NorwayNordic Championships 2002 Teams1. (3)
2.6.2001NorwayWorld Championships 2001 Teams4. (13)
28.5.2000NorwayNordic Championships 2000 Teams2. (3)
30.5.1999NorwayWorld Championships 1999 Teams4. (8)
4.5.1997NorwayWorld Championships 1997 Teams4. (14)
4.5.1997Norway IIWorld Championships 1997 Teams8. (14)
30.4.1995NorwayWorld Championships 1995 Teams3. (15)
30.4.1995Norway IIWorld Championships 1995 Teams8. (15)
4.11.1994NorwaySwedish Championships 1994 National Teams3. (4)
9.12.1990NorwayEuropean Championships 1990 Teams4. (15)
9.12.1990Norway IIEuropean Championships 1990 Teams15. (15)

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