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Brent Plast BHK NOR
Club rank: 7.
City: Stavanger
Contact person: Magnus Klippen
Mail address: mail
no club web page available

Players ranked at the ranking (15)
Rank Points
14.Magnus Klippen4008
26.Lukass Jurka3767
81.Oystein Klippen2987
84.Andreas Fjermestad2980
91.Amund Risa Fylling2912
128.Daniel Nygard2688
174.Gustav Bradland2385
359.Sondre Efteland Johansen1818
910.Eskil Sandland607
981.Rikard Oddane509
1120.Sander Berntsen385
1194.Bjarte Tjessem330
1404.Sondre Sandland223
2068.Magnus Stendal86
8269.Jorgen Bjerga1

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking (4)
Bjorn Austera
Thomas Fjermestad
Jan Bjarne Ueland
Daniel Undheim

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
28.04.2024Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2024 Teams1. (6)
28.04.2024Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2024 Teams2. (6)
21.04.2024Brent Plast BHKWorld Championships 2024 Clubs6. (26)
16.04.2023Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2023 Teams1. (7)
16.04.2023Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2023 Teams4. (7)
24.04.2022Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2022 Teams2. (6)
24.04.2022Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2022 Teams4. (6)
02.10.2021Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2021 Teams1. (6)
02.10.2021Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2021 Teams5. (6)
08.03.2020Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2020 Teams1. (6)
08.03.2020Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2020 Teams6. (6)
31.03.2019Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2019 Teams1. (5)
31.03.2019Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2019 Teams4. (5)
15.04.2018Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2018 Teams1. (7)
15.04.2018Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2018 Teams5. (7)
02.04.2017Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2017 Teams1. (6)
02.04.2017Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2017 Teams5. (6)
23.04.2016Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2016 Teams7. (9)
10.04.2015Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2015 Teams3. (13)
10.04.2015Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2015 Teams8. (13)
26.04.2014Brent Plast BHKNorwegian Championships 2014 Teams9. (13)
26.04.2014Brent Plast BHK IINorwegian Championships 2014 Teams10. (13)

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