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Slovakia (SVK) SVK
National team rank 18.
Ladies national team rank 13.
Junior national team rank 14.
Veteran national team rank 15.
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Tournaments played during last month

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Tournaments scheduled on next month

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The best players
418.Martin Martinec1665
473.Allan Lorand st.1547
485.Martin Vepy1516
572.Ludovit Varga1309
580.Tomas Pokovic1292

  The best juniors
121.Ronald Kocsis705
200.Dominik Prager322
201.Mark Alexovic316
213.Richard Mikula293
227.Martin Imrich269

The best ladies
77.Katarina Jajcaj278
85.Vanessa Kocsisova211
95.Lenka Kovacova156
108.Aniko Kalmanova135
125.Martina Kocsisova103

  The best veterans
186.Martin Martinec1665
207.Allan Lorand st.1547
267.Csaba Kocsis1191
306.Erik Bernhauser991
327.Frantisek Suma883

The best clubs
92.SHK Bieli Zraloci Nove Zamky5250
96.SHK Skalica4887
116.Predators Bufet Bratislava3727
122.THC Blue Dragon Kosice3417
231.SHK OSSR Nitra777

Series of tournaments (43)
Andovska Liga
Big Blue Warriors Tournaments
Birthday Cup
Bratislavska Liga
Bufet Tournaments
Bulldog Cup
Bulldog Cup Juniors
Bulldog Cup Women
Chata Cups
Gulas Cup
II liga
Kosice Challenge Puck
Kosice Junior League
Kosice League
Kosice Training Tournaments
Machter Cup
Nitrianska Liga
Nove Zamky Development League
Nove Zamky Women League
Novozamocka Liga
Predators League
Senica Open
Skalica League
Slovak Championships
Slovak Championships Juniors
Slovak Championships Teams
Slovak Championships Veterans
Slovak Championships Women
Slovak Pohar
Slovak Pohar Juniors
Sportove dni OSSR Nitra
Sportove dni OSSR Nitra Women
Terasa League
THC Predators Cups
Trebisovska SHL
Vianocny Pohar
Vianocny Pohar Juniors
Vianocny Pohar Women
White Sharks Cups
ZS Nabrezna Cup

Summary of national team results
11.6.2022SlovakiaEuropean Championships 2022 Teams10. (10)
10.6.2022Slovakia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2022 Junior Teams6. (6)
10.6.2022Slovakia VeteransEuropean Championships 2022 Veteran Teams7. (7)
16.6.2017SlovakiaWorld Championships 2017 Teams7. (15)
16.6.2017Slovakia VeteransWorld Championships 2017 Veteran Teams11. (14)
9.6.2013Slovakia VeteransWorld Championships 2013 Veteran Teams5. (9)
9.6.2013SlovakiaWorld Championships 2013 Teams8. (15)
14.6.2009SlovakiaWorld Championships 2009 Teams7. (15)
13.6.2009Slovakia WomenWorld Championships 2009 Women Teams6. (6)
10.6.2007SlovakiaWorld Championships 2007 Teams7. (15)
4.6.2006Slovakia WomenEuropean Championships 2006 Women Teams4. (4)
4.6.2006SlovakiaEuropean Championships 2006 Teams4. (12)
5.6.2005SlovakiaWorld Championships 2005 Teams7. (16)
7.5.2005SlovakiaCzech Championships 2005 Teams18. (19)
13.6.2004SlovakiaCzech Championships 2004 Teams10. (16)
8.6.2003SlovakiaWorld Championships 2003 Teams8. (14)
10.5.2003SlovakiaCzech Championships 2003 Teams14. (18)
10.5.2003Slovakia IICzech Championships 2003 Teams17. (18)
1.4.2003SlovakiaBudapest Open 2003 National Teams4. (4)
8.6.2002SlovakiaCzech Championships 2002 Teams16. (16)
8.12.2001SlovakiaBudapest Open 2001 National Teams1. (4)
8.12.2001Slovakia IIBudapest Open 2001 National Teams4. (4)
2.6.2001SlovakiaWorld Championships 2001 Teams12. (13)

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