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A2FPK Cup 2002
Date 1.5.2002
Series Norwegian NBL
City Oslo
Web -
Participants 33
Level 4
Value 4513

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.56.-Oyvind HansenDannede Herrers SelskabNorway675
2.23.-Tore LieDannede Herrers SelskabNorway622
3.55.-Espen SelbakTrondheim BHKNorway598
4.36.-Daniel RemmemTrondheim BHKNorway581
5.13.-Henrik BrodinTK TigersSweden552
6.152.-Dag Roar NilsenKristianiabohemeneNorway527
7.85.-Geir Tonny BrovoldDannede Herrers SelskabNorway494
8.117.-Pal BakkenTrondheim BHKNorway465
9.154.-Egil BergRisvollan BHKNorway441
10.60.-Martin BrodinTK TigersSweden410
11.37.-Yngve AasheimTrondheim BHKNorway393
12.226.-Are HornRisvollan BHKNorway373
13.100.-Trygve LieKristianiabohemeneNorway353
14.270.-Terje JulusmoenKristianiabohemeneNorway335
15.106.-John WrelandBlue Bullets ABSweden316
16.1332.-Marius SmabergKristianiabohemeneNorway299
17.200.-Carl Fredrik HersougTrondheim BHKNorway287
18.1023.-Martin HermansenFredrikstad PHNorway280
19.296.-Roy PersenKristianiabohemeneNorway274
20.199.-Oystein NesseTrondheim BHKNorway266
21.387.-Simen Morstad Johansen "Murern"West Huldrabu NokkersNorway257
22.974.-Ronny EngeneTerra SpiffNorway247
23.210.-Jorn MoldvarHodd BHKNorway234
24.NEW-Jorn SkjevelandBHK RookieNorway220
25.144.-Arne Mahatma SolbergDannede Herrers SelskabNorway209
26.181.-Trond SelsengBSI BordhockeyNorway198
27.NEW-Martin AasbrennFredrikstad PHNorway182
28.323.-Ulf GrefsgaardKristianiabohemeneNorway167
29.197.-Magnus BoivieBlue Bullets ABSweden149
30.138.-Jim NordliDannede Herrers SelskabNorway117
31.654.-Morten JohannessenPuckHoggersNorway80
32.936.-Roger BashirTonsberg BHKNorway45
33.1093.-Oystein OmliTonsberg BHKNorway1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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