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Norway Open 2022
Date 17.9.2022
Series World Tour
Norwegian NBL
Norway Open
City Bryne
Web -
Participants 29
Level 3
Value 4002

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.35.+1Magnus KlippenBrent Plast BHKNorway566
2.149.+13Vegard KlippenHodd BHKNorway508
3.106.+3Darja HrustaljovaSK RauaEstonia501
4.116.+15Oystein KlippenBrent Plast BHKNorway495
5.188.+45Frode HagerupHodd BHKNorway491
6.98.-Truls ManssonBjorkhagen RangersSweden486
7.374.+67Gustav BradlandBrent Plast BHKNorway480
8.229.+49Geir HjemasHodd BHKNorway475
9.228.+33Amund Risa FyllingBrent Plast BHKNorway470
10.314.+52Jorn MoldvarHodd BHKNorway464
11.166.+12Simon ThomasBig BandIreland452
12.174.+15Andreas FjermestadBrent Plast BHKNorway437
13.361.+45Daniel NygardBrent Plast BHKNorway411
14.487.+49Arne HetlelidTrondheim BHKNorway387
15.258.+3Mykola VerbytskyyTHC NertusUkraine360
16.173.-Arne Johannes HolminBHK GraaveirNorway334
17.505.+14Sondre Efteland JohansenBrent Plast BHKNorway298
18.560.+8Thorbjorn F. HestvaagHodd BHKNorway233
19.951.+135Torbjorn KvernelandJaren BordhockeyNorway166
20.1351.+199Rikard OddaneBrent Plast BHKNorway98
21.802.+15Polina KvasnikovaTHC NertusUkraine52
22.1648.+276Jonas BolstadKvernaland Quick SticksNorway34
23.1862.+337Anders HellePucks'R'usNorway29
24.1697.+184Benjamin NygardKvernaland Quick SticksNorway26
25.2071.+352Sinus MobergPucks'R'usNorway22
26.2542.+607Stine MobergPucks'R'usDenmark18
27.2221.+319Francis Refshus HagerupHagerupskogen HoggormsNorway12
28.2327.+109Kristin FjermestadPucks'R'usNorway7
29.3449.+47Edward Refshus HagerupHagerupskogen HoggormsNorway1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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