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Schwarzwald Cup 2019
Date 12.10.2019
Series DTEV Turnier
City Lahr
Web -
Participants 30
Level 4
Value 3204

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.96.-Vladimir SmirnovLegion-NiKiRussia503
2.131.-Mykhaylo ShalomayevTEHC Black Forest WerewolvesUkraine451
3.192.-Valentin DietzeTEHC Black Forest WerewolvesGermany422
4.382.-Elias KlimekTEHC Puck Off Bad DurkheimGermany396
5.442.-Ralph PommerenkeTEHC Black Forest WerewolvesGermany387
6.346.-Frank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"Schlicktown Arctic VeteranosGermany366
7.568.+32Christian Dunnink "Hermd"Kaeltestarre 83Germany347
8.535.+8Ulrich HennemannKaeltestarre 83Germany332
9.853.+99Daniel HochRed Stars SaarbruckenGermany312
10.577.-Eike Rompa "Fury"Schlicktown Arctic VeteranosGermany305
11.1011.+161Till DionFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany295
12.687.+23Sven AderholdFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany283
13.387.-Hermann PetuchTEHC Black Forest WerewolvesGermany274
14.613.+29Vladimir VedernikovRed Stars SaarbruckenGermany261
15.699.+11Frank RascheFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany251
16.1290.+140Gunnar GrippFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany242
17.855.+53Erik MaslennikovRed Stars SaarbruckenGermany232
18.838.+49Martin DionFeringer FeinmotorikerCanada224
19.557.-Thony Restel "Old Rooster"Kaeltestarre 83Germany214
20.843.+5Annika GrippFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany205
21.1580.+288Steven ToetebergFrankfurt GothersGermany193
22.1006.+39Marcel JenniBernSwitzerland184
23.1123.+48Peter Schlosser "Schneeeule"-Germany157
24.910.-Jonas FrankenTEHC Puck Off Bad DurkheimGermany132
25.785.-Nico JenniBernSwitzerland104
26.1711.+42Vadim MirojevskisTEHC Black Forest WerewolvesLatvia63
27.1057.-Johannes BrunnerFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany39
28.1704.-Gerhard BrunnerFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany15
29.NEW-Sergej Grinenko-Germany3
30.NEW-Alexander Grinenko-Germany1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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