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Kaeltestarre 83 GER
Club rank: 45.
City: Dortmund
Contact person: Ulrich Hennemann
Mail address: mail
no club web page available

Players ranked at the ranking (34)
Rank Points
64.Linus Restel3119
344.Kai Armonies1823
364.Christian Dunnink "Hermd"1775
460.Thony Restel "Old Rooster"1494
474.Ulrich Hennemann1460
1306.Thorsten Schmidt271
1375.Filip Olofsson234
1397.Steffen Strumpen224
1472.Jannes Strumpen199
1577.Lars Olofsson170
1804.Jasper Strumpen121
2163.Sophia Strumpen77
2273.Christoph Rauer68
2519.Rainer Kleinehabig "The Whip"53
2725.Andra Dammke45
2831.Ludger Muller41
3358.Julian Bluhm27
Rank Points
3419.Peter Schneider26
3950.Henning Schneider18
4130.Kristian Kuegler16
4985.Norbert Hennemann10
5169.Helga Schneider9
5242.Jacob Olofsson8
5733.Amin Mousa6
6338.Udo Mueller4
6646.Joachim Rust4
7012.Wassim Fayyad3
7636.Eleni Lappa1
7880.Tommy Glanz1
8235.Stefan Gafar Awarahman1
8235.Marie Laut1
8235.Elsbeth Mueller1
8485.Ingo Ebel "Old Klask Man"1
8802.Ali Muhammad0

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking (20)
Bine Binford
Tim Binford
Leon Butz
Joachim Charlier
Jonas Charlier
Tim Drabek
Doerte Haarmann
Enno Haarmann
Andrea Hellmich
Luise Hellmich
Matthis Hellmich
Jan Isenberg
Dario Kammermeier
Elias Lubbering "Maschine"
Christof Pahler
Liane Pahler
Pierre Restel
Tobias Taubitz "TnT"
Juergen Wieter
Shakir Yaqubi

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
19.11.2022Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2022 Teams2. (10)
21.08.2021Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2021 Teams3. (7)
17.08.2019Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2019 Teams3. (8)
17.08.2019Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2019 Teams7. (8)
10.11.2018Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2018 Teams1. (11)
10.11.2018Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2018 Teams7. (11)
21.10.2017Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2017 Teams2. (8)
21.10.2017Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2017 Teams6. (8)
05.11.2016Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2016 Teams1. (8)
05.11.2016Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2016 Teams7. (8)
12.09.2015Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2015 Teams4. (6)
20.06.2015Kaeltestarre 83Danish Championships 2015 Doubles3. (6)
18.10.2014Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2014 Teams5. (8)
02.02.2013Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2013 Teams2. (8)
17.03.2012Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2012 Teams4. (7)
17.03.2012Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2012 Teams7. (7)
19.02.2011Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2011 Teams5. (6)
06.03.2010Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2010 Teams5. (9)
28.02.2009Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2009 Teams6. (12)

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