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Norwegian Championships NOR

1.813Tore Lie
2.534Yngve Aasheim
3.500Magnus Klippen
4.233Daniel Remmem
5.221Oyvind Hansen
6.140Tommy Rensmoen
7.121Espen Selbak
8.120Stian Ostrem "Power Gym"
9.101Jarle Eide
10.101Stig Ihle
11.100Oyvind Ronne
12.033Frode Fanuel Horvath
13.014Oystein Klippen
14.012Andreas Roren
15.012Jorn Moldvar
16.012Stian Lode
17.012Vegard Klippen
18.011Geir Tonny Brovold
19.010Amund Risa Fylling
20.010Geir Hjemas
21.004Espen Moe
22.002Geir Myklebust
23.002Thomas Joyce
24.001Frode Hagerup "The Body"
25.001Ingebret Risa
26.001Jim Nordli
27.001Rudi Johannessen
28.001Trygve Lie

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (28 tournaments)
2.10.2021Norwegian Championships 2021 BryneMagnus Klippen29
7.3.2020Norwegian Championships 2020 OsloMagnus Klippen28
30.3.2019Norwegian Championships 2019 KvernalandMagnus Klippen23
14.4.2018Norwegian Championships 2018 KvernalandMagnus Klippen23
1.4.2017Norwegian Championships 2017 BergenMagnus Klippen29
23.4.2016Norwegian Championships 2016 StavangerYngve Aasheim38
11.4.2015Norwegian Championships 2015 BergenYngve Aasheim50
26.4.2014Norwegian Championships 2014 StavangerYngve Aasheim34
7.4.2013Norwegian Championships 2013 OsloYngve Aasheim50
14.4.2012Norwegian Championships 2012 SandnesStian Ostrem "Power Gym"40
30.4.2011Norwegian Championships 2011 TonsbergDaniel Remmem33
11.4.2010Norwegian Championships 2010 BergenOyvind Hansen43
29.3.2009Norwegian Championships 2009 TrondheimYngve Aasheim43
26.4.2008Norwegian Championships 2008 KvernalandTore Lie57
24.3.2007Norwegian Championships 2007 BergenTore Lie56
25.3.2006Norwegian Championships 2006 TrondheimOyvind Ronne56
6.2.2005Norwegian Championships 2005 StavangerDaniel Remmem58
1.2.2004Norwegian Championships 2004 HortenJarle Eide58
16.1.2003Norwegian Championships 2003 OsloOyvind Hansen49
1.4.2002Norwegian Championships 2002 OsloTore Lie52
1.2.2001Norwegian Championships 2001 StavangerEspen Selbak48
1.2.2000Norwegian Championships 2000 OsloTore Lie38
1.4.1999Norwegian Championships 1999 OsloTore Lie38
1.2.1998Norwegian Championships 1998 OsloTommy Rensmoen39
1.2.1997Norwegian Championships 1997 OsloTore Lie57
1.4.1996Norwegian Championships 1996 OsloTore Lie30
1.11.1995Norwegian Championships 1995 OsloTore Lie33
1.3.1994Norwegian Championships 1994 OsloStig Ihle39

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