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Latvian Championships Juniors LAT

1.301Rainers Kalnins
2.230Raivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"
3.210Regnars Vazolins
4.200Matiss Saulitis
5.200Toms Baumanis
6.111Filips Buhtujevs
7.110Arturs Vercins
8.101Andris Liepins
9.101Roberts Kupcs
10.100Edgars Caics
11.100Edzus Kaneps
12.100Sandis Kristaps Lagzdins
13.100Valts Smagars
14.020Elians Edelis
15.020Viesturs Lapins
16.011Gints Lasmanis
17.011Jekabs Rekis
18.011Krista Annija Lagzdina
19.010Deniss Klokovs
20.010Didzis Ziemelis
21.010Jevgenijs Zaharovs
22.010Matiss Jakseboga
23.010Rihards Gals
24.010Rolands Riekstins
25.003Kristaps Riekstins
26.002Alvis Silins
27.001Andrejs Kuznecovs
28.001Atis Silis
29.001Edgars Vitols
30.001Elvijs Silins
31.001Karlis Balodis
32.001Lukass Jurka
33.001Raivis Pukinskis

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (19 tournaments)
13.04.2024Latvian Championships 2024 Juniors IncukalnsRegnars Vazolins50
22.04.2023Latvian Championships 2023 Juniors IncukalnsRegnars Vazolins33
23.04.2022Latvian Championships 2022 Juniors IncukalnsToms Baumanis41
09.10.2021Latvian Championships 2021 Juniors IncukalnsToms Baumanis29
19.09.2020Latvian Championships 2020 Juniors IncukalnsRainers Kalnins46
13.04.2019Latvian Championships 2019 Juniors IncukalnsRainers Kalnins46
14.04.2018Latvian Championships 2018 Juniors IncukalnsRainers Kalnins43
08.04.2017Latvian Championships 2017 Juniors IncukalnsRaivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"42
09.04.2016Latvian Championships 2016 Juniors IncukalnsFilips Buhtujevs46
11.04.2015Latvian Championships 2015 Juniors IncukalnsRaivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"46
05.04.2014Latvian Championships 2014 Juniors IncukalnsSandis Kristaps Lagzdins36
02.03.2013Baltic Championships 2013 Juniors (Latvian Championships 2013 Juniors) IncukalnsAndris Liepins45
03.03.2012Latvian Championships 2012 Juniors IncukalnsEdzus Kaneps42
19.02.2011Latvian Championships 2011 Juniors VentspilsRoberts Kupcs44
27.02.2010Latvian Championships 2010 Juniors IncukalnsMatiss Saulitis56
17.01.2009Latvian Championships 2009 Juniors RigaMatiss Saulitis32
26.01.2008Latvian Championships 2008 Juniors RigaArturs Vercins49
17.04.2004Latvian Championships 2004 Juniors RigaValts Smagars32
26.04.2003Latvian Championships 2003 Juniors RigaEdgars Caics21

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