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Russia (RUS) RUS
National team rank 1.
Ladies national team rank 3.
Junior national team rank 2.
Veteran national team rank 1.
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Tournaments played during last month
30.6.2021Good Hockeys League #41 St. PetersburgArtem Blinov6
2.7.202145 Nevskaya HL #1 St. PetersburgDarja Obuhova17
3.7.2021Tournament Dedicated to the 23rd of February 2021 KazanSergey Alexeev16
9.7.202145 Nevskaya HL #2 St. PetersburgIgor Masloboev15
11.7.2021European Championship Final Rubilovo VolgogradVladimir Krivolapov4
11.7.2021Hot ice 2021 ZverevoVasili Tulaev17

Tournaments scheduled on next month

no tournaments were found

The best players
1.Denis Matveev3997
2.Maxim Borisov3941
4.Sergey Ivanov3879
11.Nikita Zholobov3730
16.Yanis Galuzo3522

  The best juniors
4.Artem Blinov3091
5.Emil Mumdzhi2987
6.Alexey Artuchov2946
7.Oleg Salamatov2921
9.Daniil Perov2748

The best ladies
3.Ksenia Oboeva2610
8.Kapitolina Semagina2360
9.Darja Obuhova2329
11.Eva Ozerova2283
12.Irina Belavina2264

  The best veterans
1.Dmitriy Petrov3374
2.Alexey Titov3336
9.Stanislav Lutay3029
12.Igor Masloboev2952
16.Kirill Storchak2908

The best clubs
4.THC Toros13854
11.Northern Lights12122

Series of tournaments (174)
1508 Open
1535 Juniors Cup
239 School League
Altai State University DHL
Arena Club Training League
Arkhangelsk League
Arkhangelsk Region Championships
Arkhangelsk Tournaments Juniors
Arkhangelsk Training Tournaments
Armavir Open
Artschool-9 Training
Bashkortostan Open Championships
Bataysk Friendly Tournaments
Black Sea Cup
Championships THC Island Of Hope
Cherepovets Championships
Cherepovets State University Cup
Cherepovets THL
ComTorg Cup
ComTorg Cup (2006-2014)
Cup of Belogorya
Cup of Ded Moroz
Cup of DOSAAF of Novokuznetsk
Cup of Legend
Cup of Rostov Region
Cup of RS-Balance
Cup of Tula
Cup of Ural
Cup of Vesta
Don Open Championships
Ekaterinburg Championships
Ekaterinburg Orion Cup
Ekaterinburg RadioCup
Ekaterinburg Tournaments
Flora Cup
Good Hockeys League
Hydromash Tournaments
Interregional Championship Golden Ring of Russia
Ivanovo Championship
Ivanovo Cup
Ivanovo Summer Cup
Ivanovo Training League
Izhevsk Stiga
Kamensk-Uralskiy Championships
Kamensk-Uralskiy Cup
Kamensk-Uralskiy League
Kamensk-Uralskiy Summer Cup
Karelia Championships
Kazan Championships
Kazan Cup
Kazan Cup Juniors
Kazan Rookie League
Kazan Table Hockey League
Krasnodar Champions League
Krasnodar Championships
Krasnodar Championships Women
Krasnyi Iar Tournaments
Kuban Friendly Tournaments
Kuban Region Tournament
Kursk Championships
Kursk Cup
Kursk Cup Juniors
Kursk Friendly Tournaments
Kursk Junior Championships
Kursk Region Cup
Lemonad Club Training League
Liga Champions Pub Tournaments
Liga Neptun
Lyubertsy Open
Malakhovka Cup
Maska Cup
Maska Cup Juniors
Maska Cup Kids
Meeting on the Volga
Meeting on the Volga Juniors
Moscow Championships
Moscow Championships Amateurs
Moscow Championships Kids
Moscow Cup/Moscow Open
Moscow Masters
Moscow Table Hockey League
Moscow Training Tournaments
Moscow Winter Holidays Tournaments
Nadezhda Novokuznetsk
Nevskaya Hockey League
Nizhny Novgorod Championships
Nizhny Novgorod Cup
Nizhny Novgorod HL
Nizhny Novgorod LTH
Nizhny Novgorod Training Tournaments
Nord-West Championships
Nord-West Championships Juniors
Nord-West Championships Kids
Nord-West Cup
Nord-West Cup Juniors
Novokuznetsk Championships
Novokuznetsk Cup
Open Cup of Russia
Perm KamaCup
Petrozavodsk Championships
Petrozavodsk Open
Pharmcomplect Tournaments
Pirate Cup
Point-12 Club Tournaments
Point-12 Club Training League
Portal Cup
Portal Cup Juniors
Portal Cup Rookies
Pro-league of Novokuznetsk
Prometey Cup
Prometey School
RBHU Ranking Tournaments
Regions Cup Juniors of St.Petersburg
RNIMU Open Cup
Rostokino Summer Cup
Rostokino Tournaments
Rostov Open Championships
Russian Championships
Russian Championships Juniors
Russian Championships Kids
Russian Championships Superveterans
Russian Championships Teams
Russian Championships Veterans
Russian Championships Women
Russian Cup Teams
Russian Juniors Championship Tour
Russian THA Championships
Russian Veterans Championship Tour
Russian Women Championship Tour
Samara Regional Championships
Sartakovo Cup
Schukino Training
Servis Montazh Integraciya League
Severodvinsk Open Championships
Shanghai Summer Cup
Siberian Championships
Siberian Championships Teams
Siberian Table Hockey League
Sivakov Cup Teams
Southern Federal District Cup
Southern Federal District Open Championships
St. Petersburg Championships
St. Petersburg Championships Juniors
St. Petersburg Championships Teams
St. Petersburg Club League
St. Petersburg Cup
St. Petersburg Cup Juniors
St. Petersburg Cup Kids
St. Petersburg Double Cup
St. Petersburg Masters
St. Petersburg Open
St.Petersburg New Wave
Steel Cup
Summer Cup of Ice Palace
Toros Championship
Tula Championships
Ufa Championships
Ussuriysk Open Championships
Ussuriysk Tournaments
Ussuriysk Tournaments Juniors
Vladimir League
Vladykino Training Tournaments
Volga Championships
Volga Cup
Volgodonsk Open Cup
Volgograd Championships
Volgograd Cup
Volgograd Flat Tournament
Volgograd Friendly Cup
Volgograd Juniors Tournament
Volgograd Regional Library Tournament
Volgograd Training League
Young Guards Cup
Zhigulevskaya HL

Summary of national team results
15.6.2019RussiaWorld Championships 2019 Teams1. (12)
14.6.2019Russia WomenWorld Championships 2019 Women Teams1. (5)
14.6.2019Russia VeteransWorld Championships 2019 Veterans Teams2. (12)
14.6.2019Russia JuniorsWorld Championships 2019 Juniors Teams2. (6)
16.6.2018RussiaEuropean Championships 2018 Teams1. (11)
15.6.2018Russia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2018 Junior Teams1. (8)
15.6.2018Russia VeteransEuropean Championships 2018 Veteran Teams2. (10)
15.6.2018Russia WomenEuropean Championships 2018 Women Teams3. (3)
16.6.2017RussiaWorld Championships 2017 Teams1. (15)
16.6.2017Russia WomenWorld Championships 2017 Women Teams2. (5)
16.6.2017Russia VeteransWorld Championships 2017 Veteran Teams2. (14)
16.6.2017Russia JuniorsWorld Championships 2017 Junior Teams2. (9)
18.6.2016RussiaEuropean Championships 2016 Teams1. (11)
17.6.2016Russia WomenEuropean Championships 2016 Women Teams1. (5)
17.6.2016Russia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2016 Junior Teams1. (9)
17.6.2016Russia VeteransEuropean Championships 2016 Veteran Teams1. (11)
13.6.2015RussiaWorld Championships 2015 Teams1. (13)
12.6.2015Russia WomenWorld Championships 2015 Women Teams1. (4)
12.6.2015Russia JuniorsWorld Championships 2015 Junior Teams1. (6)
12.6.2015Russia VeteransWorld Championships 2015 Veteran Teams3. (11)
7.6.2014RussiaEuropean Championships 2014 Teams2. (11)
6.6.2014Russia WomenEuropean Championships 2014 Women Teams1. (4)
6.6.2014Russia VeteransEuropean Championships 2014 Veteran Teams1. (11)
6.6.2014Russia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2014 Junior Teams5. (9)
9.6.2013Russia JuniorsWorld Championships 2013 Junior Teams1. (7)
9.6.2013Russia WomenWorld Championships 2013 Women Teams1. (4)
9.6.2013RussiaWorld Championships 2013 Teams1. (15)
9.6.2013Russia VeteransWorld Championships 2013 Veteran Teams2. (9)
10.6.2012Russia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2012 Junior Teams1. (6)
10.6.2012RussiaEuropean Championships 2012 Teams1. (10)
10.6.2012Russia WomenEuropean Championships 2012 Women Teams1. (4)
10.6.2012Russia VeteransEuropean Championships 2012 Veteran Teams2. (8)
11.6.2011Russia VeteransWorld Championships 2011 Veteran Teams1. (7)
11.6.2011Russia JuniorsWorld Championships 2011 Junior Teams1. (7)
11.6.2011RussiaWorld Championships 2011 Teams1. (12)
11.6.2011Russia WomenWorld Championships 2011 Women Teams2. (3)
12.6.2010Russia WomenEuropean Championships 2010 Women Teams1. (4)
12.6.2010Russia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2010 Junior Teams1. (6)
12.6.2010Russia VeteransEuropean Championships 2010 Veteran Teams1. (5)
12.6.2010RussiaEuropean Championships 2010 Teams2. (8)
14.6.2009RussiaWorld Championships 2009 Teams1. (15)
13.6.2009Russia WomenWorld Championships 2009 Women Teams1. (6)
13.6.2009Russia VeteransWorld Championships 2009 Veteran Teams3. (10)
15.6.2008RussiaEuropean Championships 2008 Teams4. (10)
14.6.2008Russia WomenEuropean Championships 2008 Women Teams1. (4)
13.6.2008Russia VeteransEuropean Championships 2008 Veteran Teams2. (6)
10.6.2007Russia WomenWorld Championships 2007 Women Teams1. (4)
10.6.2007RussiaWorld Championships 2007 Teams3. (15)
4.6.2006RussiaEuropean Championships 2006 Teams2. (12)
5.6.2005Russia WomenWorld Championships 2005 Women Teams1. (6)
5.6.2005RussiaWorld Championships 2005 Teams4. (16)
8.6.2003RussiaWorld Championships 2003 Teams5. (14)
1.4.2003RussiaBudapest Open 2003 National Teams3. (4)
4.5.2002RussiaFinnish Championships 2002 Teams6. (16)
2.6.2001RussiaWorld Championships 2001 Teams8. (13)

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