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Jaren Open 1999
Date 1.11.1999
Series Norwegian NBL
City Stavanger
Web -
Participants 30
Level 4
Value 2214

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.85.-Geir Tonny BrovoldDannede Herrers SelskabNorway505
2.59.-Frode Fanuel HorvathKvernaland BHKNorway452
3.56.-Oyvind HansenDannede Herrers SelskabNorway402
4.55.-Espen SelbakTrondheim BHKNorway341
5.338.-Tor Morten SalteOnnai BHKNorway235
6.58.-Jarle EideKvernaland BHKNorway144
7.138.-Jim NordliDannede Herrers SelskabNorway82
8.NEW-Tor Egil MaursethJaren BHLNorway53
9.371.-Frode Hagerup "The Body"Brent Plast BHKNorway51
10.699.-Svein F. Hestvaag "Paperback Rider"BlacklinersNorway49
11.394.-Bjorn Hagerup RokenJaren BordhockeyNorway46
12.697.-Jakob AardalKvernaland BHKNorway44
13.NEW-Otto HustoftUBHKNorway41
14.NEW-Adne EikelandUBHKNorway39
15.2905.-Dag StrassJaren BHLNorway37
16.720.-Erik HagerupFatty BHKNorway34
17.500.-Espen SagenJaren BordhockeyNorway32
18.305.-Hans-Oyvind SagenJaren BordhockeyNorway30
19.NEW-Anders NorheimJaren BHLNorway27
20.2106.-Torbjorn CaspersenAD.HOCNorway25
21.2069.-Steven GoldfineBlacklinersNorway22
22.NEW-Kim Morten OgnedalKvernaland BHKNorway20
23.2593.-Ingve LendeJaren BHLNorway18
24.NEW-Ove IdlandJaren BHLNorway15
25.NEW-Eyvind Vorland-Norway13
26.NEW-Vegard KlungtveitKvernaland BHKNorway11
27.NEW-Bjornar KalbergKvernaland BHKNorway8
28.2659.-Nils-Morten HestvaagBlacklinersNorway6
29.595.-Kjetil SagenJaren BordhockeyNorway3
30.NEW-Kenneth EspedalKvernaland BHKNorway1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran