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Slovakia Open 2019
Date 09.03.2019
Series World Tour
City Nove Zamky
Web -
Participants 54
Level 3
Value 4978

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.34.-Michal HvizdTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic720
2.82.+9Jan SladekTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic674
3.37.-Leos Hvizd ml.THC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic643
4.63.-Bjarne AxelsenGladiators PlzenDenmark621
5.308.+46Nejc SkrlepNHK KranjSlovenia601
6.149.+8Bernard RjavecNHK KranjSlovenia587
7.60.-Krystof LeblBig BandCzech Republic574
8.232.+13Tomas WaclawekTHC TrinecCzech Republic558
9.152.-David SmidTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic543
10.256.+23Peter BorsanyiBodicsek KlubHungary524
11.163.-Anette EngelTeam Axelsen Bordhockey KonceptDenmark509
12.313.+17David CibulkaTHC TrinecCzech Republic496
13.198.-Ville HenttonenTalpelan TaigaFinland478
14.360.+13Tomas Kahoun ml.BSE UnitedCzech Republic464
15.155.-Gergely RegulaBodicsek KlubHungary453
16.349.+7Magor PappBodicsek KlubHungary444
17.312.-Martin MartinecPredators BratislavaSlovakia441
18.411.+15Tomas RuzickaTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic438
19.410.+37Ludovit VargaSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia436
20.321.-Tomas JedlickaTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic432
21.345.-Allan Lorand st.SHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia425
22.457.+20Roman PavlicaTHC TrinecCzech Republic418
23.413.+4Alexandr MacynskyBig BandCzech Republic403
24.723.+58Csaba KocsisSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia379
25.412.-Viktor MagyariBodicsek KlubHungary360
26.171.-Simon ThomasBig BandIreland326
27.809.+47Viktor VelicSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia300
28.712.+28Hana MaresovaBSE UnitedCzech Republic277
29.476.-Andras NaszadiBodicsek KlubHungary238
30.614.-Stefan IvanPredators BratislavaSlovakia201
31.1242.+55Anita Grimova-Czech Republic163
32.1256.+44Matus BolemantSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia129
33.751.-Patrik KocsisSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia109
34.1011.-Matyas KlazarGladiators PlzenCzech Republic101
35.2253.+441Erik BernhauserPredators BratislavaSlovakia87
36.NEW-Ales KrejzaTHC TrinecCzech Republic75
37.1569.+56Petr KlazarGladiators PlzenCzech Republic66
38.1234.-Roland KocsisSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia58
39.2015.+109Mark AlexovicSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia54
40.2571.+287Jan NovozilovPredators BratislavaSlovakia51
41.NEW-Martin KalinaTHC Hornets PresovSlovakia45
42.5083.+1608Katerina SurynovaBig BandCzech Republic40
43.1843.+47Peter Palusik st.SHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia35
44.1922.-Vanessa KocsisovaSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia29
45.NEW-Adam KalinaTHC Hornets PresovSlovakia23
46.1753.-Ronald KocsisSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia18
47.2479.-Filip GasparovskySHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia14
48.6548.+1469Marek SeckarSHK Slovensky GrobSlovakia12
49.1738.-Martin KopacSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia10
50.2209.-Adam DzubakSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia8
51.2969.-Aniko KalmanovaSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia7
52.2115.-Dominik PragerSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia5
53.4553.-Lili KalmanovaSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia3
54.4761.-Mate AlexovicSHK Bieli Zraloci Nove ZamkySlovakia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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