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Rudolfs Pilans
The best rank ever (1.10.2020)615.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Juniors ranking75.
Club no club
Country Latvia
City Riga
Birth year 2008
Mail address ?
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Tournaments ordered by date (17 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
11.5.2019Amatieru Liga 2018/19 #6 Amatieru LigaIncukalns (LAT)3. (34)196
11.5.2019Latvian Cup 2018/19 #4 Latvian Cup
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Incukalns (LAT)43. (48)209
13.4.2019Latvian Championships 2019 Juniors Latvian Championships JuniorsIncukalns (LAT)23. (46)272
7.4.2019Tallinn Cup 2019 World Tour
World Tour Super Series
Tallinn Cup
Tallinn (EST)97. (113)256
23.3.2019Valmiera KZDC Cup 2019 #1 Valmieras KZDCValmiera (LAT)7. (18)182
2.3.2019Amatieru Liga 2018/19 #5 Amatieru LigaIncukalns (LAT)1. (42)200
2.3.2019Latvian Championships 2019 Latvian Championships
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Incukalns (LAT)50. (101)351
2.2.2019Amatieru Liga 2018/19 #4 Amatieru LigaRiga (LAT)1. (33)192
2.2.2019Latvian Cup 2018/19 #3 Latvian Cup
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Riga (LAT)36. (54)294
5.1.2019Amatieru Liga 2018/19 #3 Amatieru LigaRiga (LAT)4. (50)153
2.12.2018Riga Cup 2018 World Tour
World Tour Super Series
Riga Cup
Riga (LAT)131. (250)271
10.11.2018Amatieru Liga 2018/19 #2 Amatieru LigaVentspils (LAT)1. (20)129
10.11.2018Latvian Cup 2018/19 #2 Latvian Cup
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Ventspils (LAT)40. (60)291
7.11.2018Pepsi Cup 2018 -Riga (LAT)8. (19)124
13.10.2018Latvia Open 2018/19 Amateurs Incukalns LeagueIncukalns (LAT)3. (22)85
22.9.2018Amatieru Liga 2018/19 #1 Amatieru LigaIncukalns (LAT)11. (30)45
14.4.2018Latvian Championships 2018 Juniors Latvian Championships JuniorsIncukalns (LAT)34. (43)43

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 6 years count, points are lowered by time coefficient)

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