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Valmieras KZDC LAT

1.851Rolands Riekstins
2.744Emils Krasts
3.623Henriks Rektins
4.476Sandis Krasts
5.375Kristaps Riekstins
6.310Matiss Jakseboga
7.246Janis Rektins
8.200Raivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"
9.200Sandis Kalnins
10.142Martins Svitka
11.110Igors Matjola
12.010Andrejs Krilovs
13.010Nauris Adata
14.010Ritvars Felkers
15.010Uldis Cesnieks
16.003Egils Belsevics
17.002Reinis Bicans
18.001Davids Balodis
19.001Edgars Naglis
20.001Einars Circenis
21.001Kristers Lubans
22.001Kristians Auzins
23.001Roberts Pelss
24.001Tomass Tilders

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (39 tournaments)
12.09.2020Valmiera KZDC Cup 2020/21 #1 ValmieraMatiss Jakseboga23
14.12.2019Valmiera KZDC Cup 2019 #6 BurtniekiMatiss Jakseboga21
26.10.2019Valmiera KZDC Cup 2019 #5 ValmieraRolands Riekstins16
14.09.2019Valmiera KZDC Cup 2019 #4 ValmieraRolands Riekstins16
25.05.2019Valmiera KZDC Cup 2019 #3 BurtniekiMatiss Jakseboga19
27.04.2019Valmiera KZDC Cup 2019 #2 ValmieraKristaps Riekstins16
23.03.2019Valmiera KZDC Cup 2019 #1 ValmieraRolands Riekstins18
15.12.2018Valmiera KZDC Cup 2018 #6 BurtniekiKristaps Riekstins21
27.10.2018Valmiera KZDC Cup 2018 #5 ValmieraRolands Riekstins14
29.09.2018Valmiera KZDC Cup 2018 #4 ValmieraKristaps Riekstins9
29.05.2018Valmiera KZDC Cup 2018 #3 BurtniekiRolands Riekstins13
05.05.2018Valmiera KZDC Cup 2018 #2 ValmieraRolands Riekstins15
24.03.2018Valmiera KZDC Cup 2018 #1 ValmieraRolands Riekstins18
16.12.2017Valmiera KZDC Cup 2017 #6 ValmieraRaivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"19
25.11.2017Valmiera KZDC Cup 2017 #5 BurtniekiEmils Krasts11
28.10.2017Valmiera KZDC Cup 2017 #4 ValmieraRaivis Miglinieks "The Cobra"19
07.10.2017Valmiera KZDC Cup 2017 #3 ValmieraRolands Riekstins19
21.05.2017Valmiera KZDC Cup 2017 #2 ValmieraEmils Krasts18
23.04.2017Valmiera KZDC Cup 2017 #1 BurtniekiEmils Krasts19
17.12.2016Valmiera KZDC Cup 2016 #6 BurtniekiSandis Krasts10
12.11.2016Valmiera KZDC Cup 2016 #5 ValmieraSandis Krasts9
01.10.2016Valmiera KZDC Cup 2016 #4 BurtniekiEmils Krasts6
07.05.2016Valmiera KZDC Cup 2016 #3 ValmieraEmils Krasts6
24.04.2016Valmiera KZDC Cup 2016 #2 ValmieraSandis Krasts6
19.03.2016Valmiera KZDC Cup 2016 #1 BurtniekiEmils Krasts9
07.06.2013Valmiera KZDC Cup 2013 #3 ValmieraSandis Krasts9
24.05.2013Valmiera KZDC Cup 2013 #2 ValmieraEmils Krasts9
17.03.2013Valmiera KZDC Cup 2013 #1 ValmieraHenriks Rektins13
12.09.2009KZDC Valmiera Training Tournament ValmieraSandis Kalnins9
05.10.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #10 ValmieraJanis Rektins10
07.09.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #9 ValmieraMartins Svitka10
03.08.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #8 ValmieraHenriks Rektins12
28.06.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #7 ValmieraSandis Kalnins17
07.06.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #6 ValmieraHenriks Rektins14
04.05.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #5 ValmieraJanis Rektins12
05.04.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #4 ValmieraHenriks Rektins17
01.03.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #3 ValmieraIgors Matjola12
02.02.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #2 ValmieraHenriks Rektins17
05.01.2008Dienas Centra Cempionats 2008 #1 ValmieraHenriks Rektins14

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