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Trondheim Open 2011
Date 12.11.2011
Series Norwegian NBL
City Trondheim
Web -
Participants 18
Level 4
Value 4055

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.94.-Yngve AasheimTrondheim BHKNorway572
2.513.+114Oyvind RonneTrondheim BHKNorway534
3.128.-Espen MoeTrondheim BHKNorway507
3.78.-Daniel RemmemTrondheim BHKNorway507
5.265.+52Stian LodeTrondheim BHKNorway501
6.159.-Andreas RorenJaren BordhockeyNorway496
7.241.-Ingebret RisaKvernaland BHKNorway479
8.171.-Frode Hagerup "The Body"Brent Plast BHKNorway458
9.356.+17Tron OmlandTonsberg BHKNorway427
10.138.-Arne Johannes HolminBergen BordhockeyNorway397
11.154.-Bjorn Hagerup RokenJaren BordhockeyNorway366
12.591.+31Carl Fredrik HersougTrondheim BHKNorway320
13.2007.+943Hallvard SagrovTrondheim BHKNorway272
14.249.-Trond Ove GangsoyBergen BordhockeyNorway197
15.840.+13Reidar SliperTrondheim BHKNorway122
16.1156.-Tor Erik AskelandTrondheim BHKNorway63
17.3925.+971Vegard KlungtveitKvernaland BHKNorway18
18.859.-Asbjorn FossliSvarstad GhostsNorway1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran