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Espoo THL Autumn 1998 #5
Date 14.10.1998
Series Espoo THL
City Espoo
Web -
Participants 24
Level 5
Value 1810

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.NEW-Janne YlonenOttawat SenaattoritFinland386
2.NEW-Timo JaaskelainenMahtisonnitFinland291
3.358.-Erno LantiainenOttawat SenaattoritFinland251
4.58.-Janne KokkoSulkavan LaituritFinland226
5.NEW-Tomi PetterssonOttawat SenaattoritFinland201
6.195.-Juha EralaukkoPultti AmigosFinland175
7.NEW-Juha ParviainenOttawat SenaattoritFinland150
8.335.-Netta JousiBjorkhagen RangersFinland132
9.NEW-Silva NissinenOttawat SenaattoritFinland111
10.30.-Mika MyllykangasSpjaleranceFinland97
11.574.-Tarja LindbergSulkavan LaituritFinland86
12.968.-Toni BjorklundOttawat SenaattoritFinland74
13.855.-Sami HellstromSpjaleranceFinland64
14.904.-Patrik LainePultti AmigosFinland52
15.NEW-Jouko NevalaSupernovaFinland39
16.293.-Jussi-P. AaltoAntroposentrifugiFinland26
17.NEW-Marko TurpeinenSupernovaFinland18
18.102.-Timo ToivonenPOLYFinland13
19.3701.-Olavi ManninenPultti AmigosFinland9
20.NEW-Teemu PetterssonOttawat SenaattoritFinland8
21.NEW-Mikko SuuronenOttawat SenaattoritFinland6
22.NEW-Anonymous Player-Finland4
23.NEW-Janne HanninenSuvelan KollitFinland3
24.NEW-Jan SandgrenPultti AmigosFinland1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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