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Milovice 2006
Date 22.4.2006
Series Cesky Pohar
City Milovice
Web -
Participants 61
Level 4
Value 5121

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.28.-Lukas TuronTHC TrinecCzech Republic717
2.77.+11Vladimir StudnickaTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic692
3.26.-Jan DryakBig BandCzech Republic669
4.57.+5Miroslav Hubacek ml.THC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic645
5.18.-Stanislav KrausAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic622
6.30.-Pavel PlesakGladiators PlzenCzech Republic601
7.53.-Petr TmejTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic589
8.23.-Jan SuchyTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic586
9.48.-David SmidTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic581
10.93.-Petr TuronTHC TrinecCzech Republic576
11.106.+5Antonin SrajerTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic568
12.38.-Jakub SladekTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic560
13.68.-Vladimir KrausAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic547
14.91.-Jan CiencialaTHC TrinecCzech Republic532
15.264.+32Tomas ZelenkaExpand PlzenCzech Republic519
16.275.+40Josef JelinekHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic505
17.300.+82Karel KrejcikTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic494
18.134.-Zdenek LopaurStiga HC BenatkyCzech Republic485
19.222.+3Roman PavlicaTHC TrinecCzech Republic477
20.112.-Milos SevrTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic470
21.129.-Vaclav PiklTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic468
22.213.-Adam ZielinskyBig BandCzech Republic464
23.244.+10Miroslav CernochHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic456
24.155.-Zbynek PilarAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic448
25.143.-Zdenek Matousek st.HCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic439
26.269.-Bjarne AxelsenBjorkhagen RangersDenmark428
27.122.-Frantisek SuchyGladiators PlzenCzech Republic420
28.135.-Karel KonecnyTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic413
29.253.-Jan KubernatGladiators PlzenCzech Republic406
30.239.-Michal ZunkaTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic403
31.255.-Miroslav Hubacek st.THC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic399
32.273.-Marie ZajicovaBSE UnitedCzech Republic394
33.332.-Martin ZenisekGladiators PlzenCzech Republic390
34.137.-Daniel MatysekHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic385
35.370.+18Ales KrausETHL MiloviceCzech Republic381
36.243.-Ladislav TmejTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic365
37.409.-Tereza KrausovaETHL MiloviceCzech Republic347
38.212.-Tibor VargaBSE UnitedCzech Republic330
39.389.-Marketa JindrovaGladiators PlzenCzech Republic305
40.579.-Hynek NechutnyGladiators PlzenCzech Republic293
41.648.-Robert JezStiga HC BenatkyCzech Republic282
42.812.+26Jan BernhardStiga HC BenatkyCzech Republic266
43.612.-Krystof LeblBig BandCzech Republic258
44.532.-Tomas KvasnickaMKV Sport PrahaCzech Republic249
45.588.-Tomas LahuckyAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic241
46.596.-Patrik PetrTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic228
47.744.-Aneta PohoralaBSE UnitedCzech Republic215
48.839.-Anezka HessovaBSE UnitedCzech Republic200
49.732.-Petr HavlikTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic183
50.927.-Dominik SedlakHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic172
51.811.-Dusan KrasaBig BandCzech Republic160
52.783.-Martin VitousHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic147
53.951.-Vaclav KadlecTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic128
54.1120.-Martin KuzelGladiators PlzenCzech Republic107
55.888.-Jindrich PetrStiga HC BenatkyCzech Republic87
56.NEW-Radim Skala-Czech Republic69
57.2439.+441David MullerETHL MiloviceCzech Republic49
58.1251.-Petr SladekTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic31
59.1323.-Vojtech GobyTHC TeplysoviceCzech Republic15
60.729.-Pavel PohoralyTHC TeplysoviceCzech Republic3
61.2285.-Martin KoubaBSE UnitedCzech Republic1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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