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Oresund Cup 2016
Date 22.10.2016
Series Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
City Lund, Skane
Web -
Participants 35
Level 4
Value 4961

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.35.-Markus NilssonSpjass InvadersSweden682
2.64.-Anders EkestubbeUnited StarsSweden660
3.39.-Peter OstlundUmea HSSSweden635
3.83.-Rickard SjostedtRex OresundSweden635
5.26.-Joakim LundinUnited StarsSweden609
6.63.-Fredric AxelssonSpjass InvadersSweden596
7.80.-Marcus StenbomUmea HSSSweden579
8.195.+29Matti ManssonAvantgarde LundSweden565
9.29.-Finn FriesAvantgarde LundSweden551
10.129.-Martin LundenSpjass InvadersSweden536
11.141.-David NordstromDAJMSweden527
12.208.+5Fidde HanssonBJC LaimiteSweden520
13.142.-Emil LarssonUmea HSSSweden514
14.88.-Martin ArenlindDAJMSweden510
15.139.-Patrik HellstromUnited StarsSweden504
16.230.+4Karl JonssonRex OresundSweden499
17.253.+19Linus RestelKaeltestarre 83Germany488
18.343.+29Joan Eriksson MenclAvantgarde LundSweden472
19.677.+99Kent NymanBjorkhagen RangersSweden457
20.271.-Eric NorenRex OresundSweden442
21.160.-Jerry WikstromUnited StarsSweden432
22.407.+39Hans E. LindqwistBH Chiefs BHSweden427
23.308.+3Jimi ManssonAvantgarde LundSweden421
24.434.+31August WegestalRex OresundSweden415
25.320.+4Joel HallBH Chiefs BHSweden397
26.535.+18Mattias KralmarkDAJMSweden379
27.479.+23Richard PeterssonDAJMSweden358
28.1316.+338Oliver Westlund MyrenBH Chiefs BHSweden333
29.506.+4Olle JacobssonAvantgarde LundSweden313
30.334.-Markus BengtssonSkrunda THCSweden273
31.791.+29Sten SvenssonAvantgarde LundSweden224
32.859.-Micael MyrenLagos Clube Hoquei de MesaSweden151
33.582.-Thony Restel "Old Rooster"Kaeltestarre 83Germany82
34.6672.+3355Henrik Tagesson2015 UnitedSweden37
35.181.-Nils JonssonUnited StarsSweden1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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