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Nordnes Open 2015
Date 21.11.2015
Series Norwegian NBL
City Bergen
Web -
Participants 37
Level 4
Value 4018

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.201.-Magnus KlippenBrent Plast BHKNorway562
2.123.-Espen MoeTrondheim BHKNorway542
3.164.-Vegard KlippenHodd BHKNorway519
3.344.-Oystein KlippenBrent Plast BHKNorway519
5.104.-Andreas RorenHodd BHKNorway494
6.257.-Amund Risa FyllingJaren BordhockeyNorway479
7.302.-Hans Christian LonneBHK GraaveirNorway462
8.228.-Espen EidsnesBHK GraaveirNorway441
9.569.+13Andreas FjermestadBrent Plast BHKNorway420
10.159.-Arne Johannes HolminBHK GraaveirNorway398
11.382.-Anne Grethe GangsoyBergen BordhockeyNorway382
12.215.-Trond Ove GangsoyBergen BordhockeyNorway363
13.492.-Gustav BradlandBrent Plast BHKNorway339
14.431.-Vegard FlatoyMinde MuthapuckersNorway315
15.353.-Svein Arne FureMinde MuthapuckersNorway288
16.633.-Magnus StendalBrent Plast BHKNorway258
17.584.-Darko MrdaljMinde MuthapuckersSerbia221
18.505.-Thorbjorn F. HestvaagJaren BordhockeyNorway183
19.1016.+22Sondre Efteland JohansenBrent Plast BHKNorway148
20.936.-Henning TvedtenBHK GraaveirNorway100
21.686.-Morten AarflotBHK GraaveirNorway64
22.1207.-Lukas van VeenBergen BordhockeyNorway33
23.NEW-Emma SpreaficoNordnes BHKNorway28
24.NEW-Portmar IngesonNordnes BHKNorway26
25.NEW-Andreas TefreNordnes BHKNorway24
26.NEW-Kristoffer AakreNordnes BHKNorway22
27.3630.+456Jakub MarkulakNordnes BHKNorway20
28.NEW-Lumel Okba GbirelNordnes BHKNorway18
29.NEW-Julian Angell NessNordnes BHKNorway16
30.NEW-William Nesdal PedersenNordnes BHKNorway14
31.NEW-Lorentze Louise Kryvi LundNordnes BHKNorway12
32.NEW-Vladislav MakhodNordnes BHKNorway11
33.NEW-Lawehat GabrielNordnes BHKNorway9
34.NEW-Luluya GarbrielNordnes BHKNorway7
35.NEW-Lamiek Biniam MesfunNordnes BHKNorway5
36.NEW-Suada AbdulahiNordnes BHKNorway3
37.NEW-Milo NijhofNordnes BHKNorway1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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