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Naantali Ranking Tournament 2015
Date 11.4.2015
Series Finnish Ranking Tournaments
City Naantali
Web -
Participants 35
Level 4
Value 5544

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.3.-Ahti LampiSpjaleranceFinland773
2.49.+6Antti VuononsolaTalpelan TaigaFinland739
3.13.-Jan PelkonenTurun Seudun PJKFinland721
4.9.-Kevin ErikssonTalpelan TaigaFinland713
5.69.+10Janne KantolaTurun Seudun PJKFinland691
6.31.-Teemu KoskelaSpjaleranceFinland668
7.28.-Santtu SainioTalpelan TaigaFinland636
8.27.-Janne OllilaTurun Seudun PJKFinland605
9.73.-Juho RautioSpjaleranceFinland588
10.112.+8Rene HuhtalaTurun Seudun PJKFinland566
11.143.-Kimmo ErikssonTurun Seudun PJKFinland549
12.33.-Kristian Iso-TryykariTurun Seudun PJKFinland533
13.85.-Jari SahlgrenKiekko-LampaatFinland514
14.423.+51Benjamin SuominenTurun Seudun PJKFinland499
15.140.-Petteri SevonPOLYFinland484
16.241.+11Mikko HaveriTurun Seudun PJKFinland468
17.277.+34Juha-Matti SantalaTurun Seudun PJKFinland455
18.282.-Netta JousiBjorkhagen RangersFinland435
19.368.+41Lauri TornstromTurun Seudun PJKFinland412
20.243.-Pasi HonkanenSpjaleranceFinland387
21.165.-Teuvo MoisaTalpelan TaigaFinland364
22.299.-Ville HenttonenTalpelan TaigaFinland348
23.488.+15Mika AsumaaTurun Seudun PJKFinland335
24.569.+20Vesa VirriPOLYFinland320
25.416.-Jali SaloTalpelan TaigaFinland301
26.814.+125Jarno VastamakiPlastersFinland285
27.851.+135Joni ErapuroDeus ex MachinaFinland261
28.498.-Vesa KoskelaSpjaleranceFinland226
29.1049.+101Raido RadinTurun Seudun PJKFinland191
30.646.-Sami KattelusTurun Seudun PJKFinland134
31.948.+7Olavi Vaisanen-Finland87
32.1778.+134Mikko RautiainenTalpelan TaigaFinland54
33.1004.-Kaj CarlssonTurun Seudun PJKFinland21
34.4499.+470Rasmus Tihila-Finland11
35.2837.-Mika TonteriTalpelan TaigaFinland1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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