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Ventspils School Christmas Cup 2010
Date 18.12.2010
Series Ventspils School Tournaments
City Ventspils
Web -
Participants 24
Level 6
Value 1452

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.53.-Jevgenijs ZaharovsSkrunda THCLatvia261
2.97.-Valts SmagarsSkrunda THCLatvia215
3.324.-Viesturs LapinsVJN VentspilsLatvia191
4.289.-Gints LasmanisSkrunda THCLatvia180
5.396.-Elvijs SilinsVJN VentspilsLatvia168
6.297.-Valts GrinbergsVJN VentspilsLatvia156
7.404.-Rudolfs KamzolsVJN VentspilsLatvia144
8.231.-Aleksandrs ZernovojsVJN VentspilsLatvia138
9.507.-Edzus KanepsVJN VentspilsLatvia131
10.481.-Elians EdelisVJN VentspilsLatvia124
11.727.+49Alvis SilinsVJN VentspilsLatvia114
12.717.+9Laima KamzolaVJN VentspilsLatvia100
13.1301.+241Matiss MittenbergsVJN VentspilsLatvia79
14.403.-Guntis ErnsteinsVJN VentspilsLatvia60
15.567.-Rimants MironovicsVJN VentspilsLatvia44
16.1223.+57Janis ZaliteVJN VentspilsLatvia32
17.1270.+58Zigmunds EdelisVJN VentspilsLatvia29
18.1480.+108Boriss KnigaVJN VentspilsLatvia26
19.2178.+465Roberts RubinsVJN VentspilsLatvia20
20.1252.+8Paula KanepeVJN VentspilsLatvia14
21.1267.+22Toms StupeleVJN VentspilsLatvia8
22.2666.+155Alens KalninsVJN VentspilsLatvia3
23.1201.-Georgijs SemjonovsVJN VentspilsLatvia2
24.2288.-Matiss GelzisVJN VentspilsLatvia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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