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Ventspils School Tournaments LAT

1.641Viesturs Lapins
2.612Gints Lasmanis
3.324Artjoms Volincuks
4.275Elians Edelis
5.211Maksims Smirnovs
6.122Mariss Emerbergs
7.103Maksims Kuznecovs
8.100Aleksandrs Zernovojs
9.100Ivo Pilagers
10.100Jevgenijs Zaharovs
11.100Peteris Silarajs
12.100Roberts Rubins
13.100Sergejs Semesko
14.100Ugis Senins
15.041Elvijs Silins
16.012Toms Gigulis
17.011Kristers Lebedeks
18.010Armins Kleinbergs
19.010Kristaps Auzans
20.010Nikolajs Smeslovs
21.010Roberts Bomis
22.010Valts Smagars
23.001Edzus Kaneps
24.001Karlis Sergijevskis
25.001Markuss Kals
26.001Raivo Midzins
27.001Toms Rubenis
28.001Valts Grinbergs

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (28 tournaments)
11.11.2015* Ventspils tehnikuma cempionats 2015/16 #2 VentspilsGints Lasmanis5
07.10.2015Ventspils tehnikuma cempionats 2015/16 #1 VentspilsGints Lasmanis11
21.11.2012Ventspils 4.Vidusskolas Turnirs VentspilsRoberts Rubins22
18.12.2011Ventspils Augstskolas Cup 2011 VentspilsIvo Pilagers15
18.12.2010Ventspils School Christmas Cup 2010 VentspilsJevgenijs Zaharovs24
04.09.2010Ventspils School Championships 2010 VentspilsAleksandrs Zernovojs13
15.05.2010Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #9 VentspilsViesturs Lapins13
17.04.2010Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #8 VentspilsGints Lasmanis15
20.03.2010Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #7 VentspilsMariss Emerbergs17
06.03.2010Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #6 VentspilsViesturs Lapins18
09.01.2010Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #5 VentspilsGints Lasmanis17
28.12.2009Ventspils School Christmas Cup 2009 VentspilsGints Lasmanis29
12.12.2009Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #4 VentspilsViesturs Lapins16
07.11.2009Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #3 VentspilsViesturs Lapins24
10.10.2009Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #2 VentspilsGints Lasmanis19
12.09.2009Ventspils School Championships 2009/10 #1 VentspilsViesturs Lapins18
31.05.2009Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #9 VentspilsMaksims Smirnovs8
25.04.2009Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #8 VentspilsViesturs Lapins11
05.04.2009Ventspils School Challenge 2009 VentspilsElians Edelis9
15.03.2009Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #7 VentspilsMaksims Smirnovs8
28.02.2009Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #6 VentspilsSergejs Semesko10
07.02.2009Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #5 VentspilsElians Edelis6
27.12.2008Ventspils School Christmas Cup 2008 VentspilsArtjoms Volincuks9
07.12.2008Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #4 VentspilsArtjoms Volincuks8
26.11.2008Ventspils Augstskolas Cup 2008 VentspilsUgis Senins12
02.11.2008Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #3 VentspilsArtjoms Volincuks7
05.10.2008Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #2 VentspilsPeteris Silarajs9
14.09.2008Ventspils School Championships 2008/09 #1 VentspilsMaksims Kuznecovs15

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