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Kyiv New Wave 2009 #3
Date 03.10.2009
Series Kyiv New Wave
City Kyiv
Web -
Participants 23
Level 5
Value 2396

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.37.-Yevhen LevdanskyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine391
2.82.-Dmytro KudrytskyTHC JuventaUkraine356
3.117.-Mykhaylo SpivakovskyyYoungstersUkraine342
4.167.-Yevhen RykunTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine320
5.419.-Serhiy TsybaTHC Shaleni BdzholyUkraine288
6.420.-Mykhaylo ShalomayevTEHC Black Forest WerewolvesUkraine260
7.227.-Oleksandr DanylenkoSvarogUkraine233
8.582.-Oleksandr ZaichukSvarogUkraine207
9.449.-Andryy LapchenkoShturmUkraine194
10.726.-Pavlo PylypenkoSvarogUkraine169
11.412.-Oleksandr MartynenkoTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine143
12.694.-Vyacheslav LevdanskyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine126
13.470.-Dmytro Donets-Israel103
14.230.-Viktor LevdanskyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine91
15.842.-Volodymyr RyzhukShturmUkraine74
16.760.-Igor RyzhukShturmUkraine55
17.947.-Mykyta SheremetyevTHC JuventaUkraine41
18.1400.-Sofiya KylymnykTHC JuventaUkraine26
19.1580.-Bogdan KyrylkoKyivUkraine18
20.1147.-Vadim KyrylkoKyivUkraine13
21.4012.+680Alyk ValytskyyKyivUkraine9
22.1635.-Valentyn KorabelDevyaty valUkraine4
23.1823.-Oleksii KorabelTHC NertusUkraine1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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