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German Championships Veterans GER

1.440Thomas Haussknecht "Slow Hand"
2.400Mykhaylo Shalomayev
3.233Frank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"
4.211Gerrit Janssen "Bull"
5.210Juri Artamonov
6.201Joachim Klang "Der Joe"
7.100Marko Doberschutz "Dr.Doom"
8.030Rene Albers "Box Albers"
9.011Eike Rompa "Fury"
10.011Martin Dion
11.011Norbert Luck "No Luck"
12.010Jurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"
13.010Kai Armonies
14.003Ralph Pommerenke
15.001Edgar Seelbach "Eis-Edgar"
16.001Frank Rasche
17.001Hans-Georg Danelski "HGDBERLIN"
18.001Hermann Petuch
19.001Thomas Cornelius
20.001Vladimir Vedernikov

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (17 tournaments)
26.08.2023German Championships 2023 Veterans WilhelmshavenMykhaylo Shalomayev7
27.08.2022German Championships 2022 Veterans WilhelmshavenMykhaylo Shalomayev10
02.10.2021German Championships 2021 Veterans LahrMykhaylo Shalomayev8
15.02.2020German Championships 2020 Veterans FrankfurtMykhaylo Shalomayev17
16.02.2019German Championships 2019 Veterans HagenJuri Artamonov24
24.02.2018German Championships 2018 Veterans LahrJuri Artamonov14
11.02.2017German Championships 2017 Veterans IsmaningThomas Haussknecht "Slow Hand"21
30.01.2016German Championships 2016 Veterans DuesseldorfThomas Haussknecht "Slow Hand"17
14.02.2015German Championships 2015 Veterans WilhelmshavenThomas Haussknecht "Slow Hand"15
01.03.2014German Championships 2014 Veterans HagenThomas Haussknecht "Slow Hand"19
16.02.2013German Championships 2013 Veterans GochGerrit Janssen "Bull"19
17.03.2012German Championships 2012 Veterans RodgauFrank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"13
19.02.2011German Championships 2011 Veterans DortmundGerrit Janssen "Bull"18
06.03.2010German Championships 2010 Veterans SchortensJoachim Klang "Der Joe"10
28.02.2009German Championships 2009 Veterans DuesseldorfJoachim Klang "Der Joe"4
12.07.2008German Championships 2008 Veterans BerlinFrank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"4
01.10.2005German Championships 2005 Veterans FrankfurtMarko Doberschutz "Dr.Doom"5

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