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German Championships GER

1.722Joachim Klang "Der Joe"
2.511Sven Bottge "Der Professor"
3.411Rene Albers "Box Albers"
4.211Valentin Dietze
5.201Linus Restel "Rooster"
6.142Lars Freitag "Graf Zahl"
7.111Frank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"
8.111Tim Tigges "Animal"
9.110Thomas Haussknecht "Slow Hand"
10.102Johannes Roth "Jo41"
11.101Frank Schauer "Funkystein"
12.100Flo Herschy
13.032Jens Freitag "Betze"
14.031Leon Haussknecht "Fast Hand"
15.022Gerrit Janssen "Bull"
16.012Christian Aden "Cowboy"
17.011Frank Messerschmidt "Hamma"
18.011Juri Artamonov
19.011Ralph Paul "Honka"
20.010Achim Heider "Doc Heider"
21.010Marko Doberschutz "Dr.Doom"
22.010Tim Gartner "Jiminator"
23.001Guido Pieper "Rex"
24.001Kai Armonies
25.001Simon Thomas
26.001Stefan Leusch

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (27 tournaments)
16.2.2019German Championships 2019 HagenLinus Restel "Rooster"44
24.2.2018German Championships 2018 LahrLinus Restel "Rooster"39
11.2.2017German Championships 2017 IsmaningValentin Dietze36
30.1.2016German Championships 2016 DuesseldorfValentin Dietze52
14.2.2015German Championships 2015webWilhelmshavenFrank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"32
1.3.2014German Championships 2014webHagenJoachim Klang "Der Joe"51
16.2.2013German Championships 2013webGochRene Albers "Box Albers"49
17.3.2012German Championships 2012webRodgauJoachim Klang "Der Joe"39
19.2.2011German Championships 2011 DortmundThomas Haussknecht "Slow Hand"39
6.3.2010German Championships 2010 SchortensRene Albers "Box Albers"29
28.2.2009German Championships 2009 DuesseldorfJoachim Klang "Der Joe"60
12.7.2008German Championships 2008 BerlinTim Tigges "Animal"10
23.6.2007German Championships 2007 WilhelmshavenRene Albers "Box Albers"28
26.8.2006German Championships 2006 DuesseldorfFrank Schauer "Funkystein"31
1.10.2005German Championships 2005 FrankfurtJoachim Klang "Der Joe"21
29.5.2004German Championships 2004 BerlinJohannes Roth "Jo41"28
26.4.2003German Championships 2003 WilhelmshavenJoachim Klang "Der Joe"41
21.9.2002German Championships 2002 KolnRene Albers "Box Albers"52
22.4.2001German Championships 2001 WilhelmshavenSven Bottge "Der Professor"43
9.9.2000German Championships 2000 HamburgSven Bottge "Der Professor"36
4.12.1999German Championships 1999 BonnFlo Herschy27
28.11.1998German Championships 1998 HamburgJoachim Klang "Der Joe"30
17.8.1997German Championships 1997 WilhelmshavenSven Bottge "Der Professor"29
25.8.1996German Championships 1996 WilhelmshavenSven Bottge "Der Professor"48
11.6.1995German Championships 1995 BremenLars Freitag "Graf Zahl"60
16.4.1994German Championships 1994 ElzeSven Bottge "Der Professor"62
6.6.1993German Championships 1993 KonigswinterJoachim Klang "Der Joe"37

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