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Estonia (EST) EST
National team rank 8.
Ladies national team rank 1.
Junior national team rank 5.
Veteran national team rank 8.
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Tournaments played during last month
12.1.2020Estonian Championships 2019/20 #4 TallinnJevgeni Lvov14

Tournaments scheduled on next month

no tournaments were found

The best players
46.Jevgeni Lvov3569
71.Maria Saveljeva3358
95.Igor Saveljev3198
184.Alen Shekarev2741
194.Denis Andrijashkin2713

  The best juniors
23.Denis Andrijashkin2713
24.Daniil Moshnin2694
27.Veronika Sachok2628
43.Tatjana Suchkova2272
50.Daniil Landa2183

The best ladies
1.Maria Saveljeva3358
5.Veronika Sachok2628
17.Tatjana Suchkova2272
143.Anastasija Andrijashkina128
177.Sofia Zaloldinova91

  The best veterans
25.Igor Saveljev3198
59.Alen Shekarev2741
93.Vafa Hamdamov2513
104.Juri Artamonov2432
281.Sergei Sokolov1399

The best clubs
24.SK Raua11991
82.Kharlamov Club6855
200.Trimix BHC1852
235.Tallinn THG1224
240.Tallinn BHC1143

Series of tournaments (21)
Estonian Challenge
Estonian Challenge Cup
Estonian Championships
Estonian Championships Juniors
Estonian Championships Schools
Estonian Championships Schools Qualification
Estonian Championships Teams
Estonian Christmas Cup
Estonian Cup
Maardu Futures Serie
Muuga Tournaments
Narva League
Narva Training Cup
Narva Training Tournaments
Nefab Championships
Priimo Cup
SK Raua Tournaments
Tallinn Cup
TRimix Cup
TRimix Hoovi Cup
Vikre Cup

Summary of national team results
15.6.2019EstoniaWorld Championships 2019 Teams7. (12)
14.6.2019Estonia WomenWorld Championships 2019 Women Teams4. (5)
14.6.2019Estonia JuniorsWorld Championships 2019 Juniors Teams5. (6)
14.6.2019Estonia VeteransWorld Championships 2019 Veterans Teams6. (12)
16.6.2018EstoniaEuropean Championships 2018 Teams6. (11)
15.6.2018Estonia VeteransEuropean Championships 2018 Veteran Teams5. (10)
15.6.2018Estonia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2018 Junior Teams8. (8)
12.11.2017EstoniaSt. Petersburg Championships 2017 Teams13. (17)
16.6.2017Estonia VeteransWorld Championships 2017 Veteran Teams5. (14)
16.6.2017EstoniaWorld Championships 2017 Teams8. (15)
16.6.2017Estonia JuniorsWorld Championships 2017 Junior Teams9. (9)
18.6.2016EstoniaEuropean Championships 2016 Teams8. (11)
17.6.2016Estonia VeteransEuropean Championships 2016 Veteran Teams5. (11)
17.6.2016Estonia JuniorsEuropean Championships 2016 Junior Teams9. (9)
13.6.2015EstoniaWorld Championships 2015 Teams8. (13)
12.6.2015Estonia VeteransWorld Championships 2015 Veteran Teams7. (11)
7.6.2014EstoniaEuropean Championships 2014 Teams7. (11)
6.6.2014Estonia VeteransEuropean Championships 2014 Veteran Teams7. (11)
10.6.2012Estonia VeteransEuropean Championships 2012 Veteran Teams7. (8)
10.6.2012EstoniaEuropean Championships 2012 Teams8. (10)
11.6.2011Estonia JuniorsWorld Championships 2011 Junior Teams3. (7)
11.6.2011Estonia VeteransWorld Championships 2011 Veteran Teams5. (7)
11.6.2011EstoniaWorld Championships 2011 Teams9. (12)
14.6.2009EstoniaWorld Championships 2009 Teams12. (15)
13.6.2009Estonia VeteransWorld Championships 2009 Veteran Teams7. (10)
31.1.2009EstoniaLatvian Championships 2009 Teams8. (18)
15.6.2008EstoniaEuropean Championships 2008 Teams7. (10)
13.6.2008Estonia VeteransEuropean Championships 2008 Veteran Teams6. (6)
15.3.2008EstoniaLatvian Championships 2008 Teams8. (24)
10.6.2007EstoniaWorld Championships 2007 Teams11. (15)
4.11.2006EstoniaRussian Championships 2006 Teams16. (22)
4.6.2006EstoniaEuropean Championships 2006 Teams11. (12)
5.6.2005EstoniaWorld Championships 2005 Teams14. (16)
23.4.1989EstoniaWorld Championships 1989 Teams10. (12)

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