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Hungary (HUN) HUN
National team rank 12.
Ladies national team rank 22.
Junior national team rank 37.
Veteran national team rank 15.
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Tournaments played during last month

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Tournaments scheduled on next month

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The best players
148.Gergely Regula2853
217.Peter Borsanyi2621
288.Viktor Magyari2392
318.Magor Papp2328
439.Andras Naszadi2011

  The best juniors
4456.Daniel Orza0
4535.Haranghy Bence0
4535.Rego Kiss0

The best ladies
198.Eni Kiss62
440.Zsofia Papp21
1036.Eszter Patkai4
1204.Eniko Karpati2
1392.Ildiko Papp0

  The best veterans
121.Magor Papp2328
177.Andras Naszadi2011
198.Balint Nagy1886
244.Barnabas Parkanszki1574
263.Daniel Letay1467

The best clubs
50.Bodicsek Klub9353
106.Budenz Hybernator5395
279.Orczy-Bazis Klub552

Series of tournaments (35)
Bicske Liga
Bodicsek Liga
Bodicsek Summer Tour
Budenz Liga
Despo Liga
Hungarian Championships
Hungarian Championships Juniors
Hungarian Championships Kids
Hungarian Championships SuperVeterans
Hungarian Championships Teams
Hungarian Championships Veterans
Hungarian Championships Women
Hungarian League
Hungarian Rookie League
Kapolnasnyek Liga
Kapolnasnyek Liga Juniors
Karoli Liga
Martonvasar Liga
Nagy Liga
Nagykoros Liga
Olympia Budapest
Olympia Budapest Kids & Juniors
Orczy Liga
Orczy Liga Juniors
Papai Asztalihoki Liga
Papp Kupa
Radnoti Liga
Siraly Hoki Liga
Szaszhalombatta Liga
Tatabanya Liga
Team Rekreacio Liga
Uj Sugar Amator Kupa
Vac Asztalihoki Liga
Zamoly Liga
Zsigri Kupa

Summary of national team results
15.6.2019HungaryWorld Championships 2019 Teams9. (12)
14.6.2019Hungary VeteransWorld Championships 2019 Veterans Teams9. (12)
16.6.2017HungaryWorld Championships 2017 Teams10. (15)
13.6.2015HungaryWorld Championships 2015 Teams9. (13)
9.6.2013HungaryWorld Championships 2013 Teams10. (15)
11.6.2011Hungary JuniorsWorld Championships 2011 Junior Teams6. (7)
11.6.2011HungaryWorld Championships 2011 Teams10. (12)
14.6.2009HungaryWorld Championships 2009 Teams9. (15)
13.6.2009Hungary WomenWorld Championships 2009 Women Teams5. (6)
13.6.2009Hungary VeteransWorld Championships 2009 Veteran Teams9. (10)
10.6.2007HungaryWorld Championships 2007 Teams8. (15)
12.11.2006HungarySlovenia Open 2006 National Teams1. (3)
4.6.2006Hungary WomenEuropean Championships 2006 Women Teams3. (4)
4.6.2006HungaryEuropean Championships 2006 Teams6. (12)
5.6.2005Hungary WomenWorld Championships 2005 Women Teams6. (6)
5.6.2005HungaryWorld Championships 2005 Teams9. (16)
8.6.2003HungaryWorld Championships 2003 Teams9. (14)
1.4.2003HungaryBudapest Open 2003 National Teams2. (4)
8.12.2001HungaryBudapest Open 2001 National Teams2. (4)
8.12.2001Hungary IIBudapest Open 2001 National Teams3. (4)
2.6.2001HungaryWorld Championships 2001 Teams9. (13)

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