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Evolution Anniversary Cup 2007
Date 18.11.2007
Series Torslev Super Sunday
City Hjorring
Web -
Participants 39
Level 5
Value 867

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.903.+65Jess BisgaardEvolution BHKDenmark134
2.756.+15Thomas JespersenVendsyssel Hvide UlveDenmark116
3.735.+21Mike DahlBHK Lokomotiv HjorringDenmark110
4.1020.+74Miheena Gujarati-Denmark107
5.946.+48Virginia LarsenBHK Lokomotiv HjorringDenmark104
6.985.+40Peter SchroderEvolution BHKDenmark102
7.731.-Mads Hansen-Denmark99
8.717.-Mads JorgensenTorslevDenmark96
9.959.+20Allan PoulsenVendsyssel Hvide UlveDenmark93
10.844.+24Allan JespersenKongebonden BHKDenmark90
11.874.+20Steen SundbroBHK Lokomotiv HjorringDenmark87
12.1245.+137Freddy Gujarati-Denmark84
13.889.+3Thomas KraghVendsyssel Hvide UlveDenmark80
14.955.-Kim DamgaardScissor Steelers BHKDenmark77
15.887.+7Michael KirkVra VSDenmark73
16.1200.+73Maria JensenBHK Katedralen AalborgDenmark70
17.754.-Bo KrauseTorslevDenmark69
18.2136.+754Kim KjarSkive BIFDenmark67
19.840.-Christian EschildsenTorslevDenmark66
20.954.-Ivan IbrisimovicKlumpfisk BHKBosnia & Herzegovina63
21.880.-Jacob AndersenVendsyssel Hvide UlveDenmark60
22.1052.+19Snizane LarsenFremad EaglesDenmark56
23.1065.-Walid HassanBHK Lokomotiv HjorringBangladesh52
24.1092.+27Jan DamgaardScissor Steelers BHKDenmark49
25.778.-Henrik OsterbyFremad EaglesDenmark47
26.1388.+85Annika ChristianssonSkive BIFFaroe Islands44
27.1204.+6Sonay Hassan-Bangladesh42
28.1044.-Farzan Ghader-Iran41
29.1216.+12Anne JensenBHK Katedralen AalborgDenmark40
30.1554.+92Rebecca SchmidtBHK Katedralen AalborgDenmark38
31.1131.-Victor SorensenScissor Steelers BHKDenmark34
32.1154.-Hindi Gujarati-Bangladesh29
33.1413.+4Pernille JensenScissor Steelers BHKDenmark23
34.1869.+132Sabina GerimbegovicBHK Katedralen AalborgBosnia & Herzegovina19
35.2072.+103Majbrit JensenBHK Katedralen AalborgDenmark16
36.1091.-Amir BorhaniKlumpfisk BHKIran14
37.2470.+106Trine PoulsenEvolution BHKDenmark10
38.1344.-Kirstine KraghVendsyssel Hvide UlveDenmark5
39.1909.-Karen SchmidtBHK Lokomotiv HjorringDenmark1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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