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Torslev Super Sunday DEN

1.887Mads Jorgensen
2.820Bjarne Axelsen
3.676Anette Engel
4.544Michael Toft Nielsen
5.384Mads Hansen
6.324Mike Dahl
7.245Michael Jensen
8.244Bo Krause
9.222Christian Eschildsen
10.222Lars Bertelsen
11.213Jacob Andersen
12.211Ken Schwartz
13.201Henrik Osterby
14.201Mikkel Jensen
15.110Steen Sundbro
16.102Peter Orum
17.101Jess Bisgaard
18.021Allan Jespersen
19.012Bo Jensen
20.011Thomas Jespersen
21.010Kim Damgaard
22.010Thomas Kragh
23.001Michael Kirk

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (52 tournaments)
14.12.2014Torslev Christmas Trophy 2014 HjorringMikkel Jensen17
23.11.2014Torslev Cup 2014 HjorringMikkel Jensen14
16.11.2014Torslev Open 2014 HjorringChristian Eschildsen16
20.04.2013Torslev Open 2013 HjorringMichael Jensen12
23.09.2012Torslev Cup 2012 HjorringMichael Jensen14
29.07.2012Torslev Super Sunday #35 HjorringLars Bertelsen11
08.01.2012Torslev Open 2012 TorslevLars Bertelsen12
30.10.2011Torslev Super Sunday #34 HjorringMads Jorgensen10
31.07.2011Torslev Cup 2011 HjorringMads Jorgensen14
30.01.2011Torslev Open 2011 HjorringMichael Toft Nielsen13
28.11.2010Torslev Super Sunday #33 HjorringMads Jorgensen12
03.10.2010Torslev Super Sunday #32 HjorringMads Jorgensen12
11.07.2010Torslev Cup 2010 HjorringMichael Toft Nielsen13
09.05.2010Torslev Super Sunday #31 HjorringMads Jorgensen9
28.02.2010Torslev Super Sunday #30 BronderslevMads Jorgensen8
03.01.2010Torslev Open 2010 HjorringBo Krause10
04.10.2009Torslev Super Sunday #29 HjorringBjarne Axelsen13
13.09.2009Torslev Super Sunday #28 HjorringMike Dahl16
30.08.2009Torslev Super Sunday #27 HjorringMads Hansen13
09.08.2009Torslev Cup 2009 HjorringAnette Engel15
26.07.2009Torslev Super Sunday #26 HjorringChristian Eschildsen14
24.05.2009Torslev Super Sunday #25 HjorringBjarne Axelsen16
03.05.2009Torslev Super Sunday #24 HjorringMichael Toft Nielsen15
19.04.2009Torslev Super Sunday #23 HjorringAnette Engel15
04.01.2009Torslev Open 2009 HjorringAnette Engel17
26.10.2008Torslev Super Sunday #22 HjorringSteen Sundbro15
05.10.2008Torslev Cup 2008 HjorringBjarne Axelsen30
02.09.2008Torslev Super Sunday #21 HjorringBjarne Axelsen22
22.06.2008Torslev Super Sunday #20 HjorringMichael Toft Nielsen21
25.05.2008Torslev Super Sunday #19 HjorringJacob Andersen22
27.04.2008Torslev Super Sunday #18 HjorringJacob Andersen23
30.03.2008Torslev Super Sunday #17 HjorringAnette Engel24
24.02.2008Torslev Super Sunday #16 HjorringAnette Engel24
27.01.2008Torslev Open 2008 HjorringBjarne Axelsen21
02.12.2007Torslev Super Sunday #15 HjorringAnette Engel24
25.11.2007Torslev Super Sunday #14 HjorringMichael Toft Nielsen26
18.11.2007Evolution Anniversary Cup 2007 HjorringJess Bisgaard39
07.10.2007Torslev Super Sunday #13 HjorringBo Krause25
30.09.2007Torslev Super Sunday #12 HjorringMads Hansen26
26.08.2007Torslev Super Sunday #11 HjorringKen Schwartz25
29.07.2007Torslev Cup 2007 HjorringMike Dahl28
22.07.2007Torslev Super Sunday #10 HjorringBjarne Axelsen29
24.06.2007Torslev Super Sunday #9 HjorringMads Jorgensen28
27.05.2007Torslev Super Sunday #8 HjorringHenrik Osterby22
06.05.2007Torslev Super Sunday #7 HjorringKen Schwartz25
15.04.2007Torslev Super Sunday #6 HjorringHenrik Osterby23
01.04.2007Torslev Super Sunday #5 HjorringMads Jorgensen29
04.03.2007Torslev Super Sunday #4 HjorringMads Hansen30
28.01.2007Torslev Super Sunday #3 HjorringPeter Orum28
07.01.2007Torslev Open 2007 HjorringBjarne Axelsen39
10.12.2006Torslev Super Sunday #2 HjorringMike Dahl41
26.11.2006Torslev Super Sunday #1 HjorringBjarne Axelsen34

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