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US Open 2007
Date 28.07.2007
Series North American Tour
World Tour
City Lemont, IL
Web -
Participants 51
Level 3
Value 1981

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.517.+4Bernie KunzlerKitchener WTHLCanada342
2.761.-Rob ChargoLemont THLUSA286
3.860.+4Denis MailleMontreal LHTSOCanada255
4.1152.+5Jim RzoncaLemont THLUSA243
5.1266.+9Jeff ThillLemont THLUSA231
6.1503.+168Jeff FarwellLemont THLUSA219
7.1518.+136Paul BrotzWindsor Detroit THLUSA209
8.1384.+42Dan LordLemont THLUSA196
9.1287.+37Kevin RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA185
10.1273.+29Ron ChesickMontreal LHTSOCanada175
11.1763.+189Dean KallasMadison ResistanceUSA163
12.1388.+41Joe SalazarLemont THLUSA152
13.1470.+93Tom WarrenWindsor Detroit THLUSA134
14.1498.+137John LabiancaLas Vegas THCUSA115
15.1260.-Pierre ChastenaisMontreal LHTSOCanada100
16.3281.+1412Dave KraehlingToronto STHLCanada83
17.1295.+23John MedemaLemont THLUSA73
18.1214.+5Eric KrolLemont THLUSA66
19.1336.+42Paul RuizAnn Arbor THLUSA64
20.NEW-John PowersConnecticut ECTHLUSA62
21.NEW-Patrick Cote-Canada60
22.NEW-Francois Cote-Canada58
23.2448.+598Bob MonaghanCAGA Detroit THLUSA56
24.NEW-Darrell BeyerMadison ResistanceUSA54
25.4002.+1834Roger ConnollyChicago THLUSA52
26.2058.+269Jonathan KittnerLemont THLUSA50
27.5412.+3089Kevin WilliamsCAGA Detroit THLUSA49
28.2268.+464Jerry Miller Sr.Lemont THLUSA47
29.1882.+146Rich ThillLemont THLUSA45
30.1516.+22Brian RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA43
31.NEW-Jerry PytlewskiLemont THLUSA41
32.2289.+206Tanner RuizAnn Arbor THLUSA39
33.2214.+310Alex RaikhmanLemont THLUSA37
34.4419.+1943Josh BrotzDetroit THLUSA35
35.2681.+578Jason HubertyMadison ResistanceUSA33
36.1483.-Sean RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA31
37.2071.+156Alex WalkerDetroit THLUSA29
38.3083.+749Mark WuellnerMadison ResistanceUSA27
39.NEW-Ventura SiasLemont THLUSA25
40.2012.-Paul SlezakLemont THLUSA23
41.2222.-Bill Boyd-USA21
42.3185.+667Kelly RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA19
43.2527.+118Tom Forbes-USA17
44.NEW-David Kone-USA15
45.5412.+1783Jerry Miller Jr.Lemont THLUSA13
46.NEW-Greg Scoma-USA11
47.NEW-Mike HibbardMadison ResistanceUSA9
48.4471.-Wolfgang Kittner-USA7
49.NEW-Peter BasdeckisLemont THLUSA5
50.NEW-Kevin Reardon-USA3
51.NEW-Dwayne StegnerLemont THLUSA1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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