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Avesta Open 2000/01
Date 18.11.2000
Series Swedish Tour
City Avesta, Dalarna
Web -
Participants 43
Level 4
Value 5661

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.9.-Stefan Edwall2015 UnitedSweden815
2.1.-Hans OstermanNUHL8Sweden783
3.12.-Pontus ErikssonBroderna GrymSweden741
3.NEW-Bjorn SvedmanBjorkhagen RangersSweden741
5.10.-Lars FridellBjorkhagen RangersSweden685
6.176.-Niclas HansenBroderna GrymSweden656
7.40.-Andreas AmanEnkopings HSCSweden631
8.NEW-Linus BengtssonB7Sweden609
9.37.-Thomas PeterssonSaanapu CyclonesSweden584
10.231.-Kenth EricssonNugents Larjungar BHKSweden550
11.NEW-Henrik PahlssonAby Monkeys BHKSweden513
12.114.-Anders SundqvistRyggens BHFSweden489
13.394.-Aron LidmanBHK SlapshotSweden469
14.383.-Bjorn WikstromTeam ArcticSweden459
15.729.-Carl BindekransBJC LaimiteSweden449
16.96.-Jaakko KoskiDeus ex MachinaFinland436
17.100.-Tomas SoderblomRyggens BHFSweden422
18.NEW-Stefan LindskogB7Sweden408
19.303.-Christoffer SoderqvistOverum FGSweden400
20.150.-Bjorn SoderstromSpjass InvadersSweden390
21.43.-David SmidTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic381
22.188.-Lars HjortNugents Larjungar BHKSweden371
23.1608.-Andreas HedstromRyggens BHFSweden362
24.NEW-Arthur LindholmAby Monkeys BHKSweden348
25.335.-Jerry WikstromUnited StarsSweden336
26.42.-Peter StensmyrBHK Mollan RougeSweden321
27.1520.-Magnus OlssonOrebro BHFSweden306
28.196.-Martin DrapakTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic299
29.NEW-Johnny LundbergAby Monkeys BHKSweden291
30.653.-Robert SundenRyggens BHFSweden284
31.NEW-Dick DahlStockholms IKSweden278
32.NEW-Roger Westh "Lundin"Aby Monkeys BHKSweden273
33.1303.-Patrik KarlssonArnemark BHK NitroSweden266
34.743.-Christian NilssonOverum FGSweden256
35.NEW-Erik AnderssonEnskede Black CatsSweden246
36.624.-Carl JosefssonOverum FGSweden234
37.488.-Jan HluzekHC Stiga KladnoCzech Republic223
38.NEW-Anna PahlssonPeking PuckosSweden213
39.NEW-Nina EdgrenDeus ex MachinaFinland194
40.920.-Jerry EklofOverum FGSweden143
41.NEW-Daniel ElisekTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic92
42.1784.-Mikael NylenNugents Larjungar BHKSweden43
43.62.-Marcus AnderssonUmea HSSSweden1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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