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BHK Mollan Rouge SWE
Club rank: 210.
City: Malmo, Skane
Contact person: -
Mail address: -
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Players ranked at the ranking (8)
Rank Points
753.Petter Backebjork1260
1530.Jimmy Gellersten356
2935.Peter Stensmyr83
2988.Mikael Johnsson80
2998.Robin Gellersten-Holmgren80
3077.Micael Palm76
3225.Dennie Ovenberger69
11099.Celine Allirol-Molin1

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking (23)
Per Bengtsson
Jonas Bolander
Peter Broqvist
Midas Ekholm
Isak Engstrom
Victor Enlund
Navid Golmohammadi
Axel Harstedt
Anders Hedenstedt
Martin Holm
Erik Johansson
Tobias Junno
Martin Levin
Magnus Lindelof
Mikael Lindelof
Johan Lundahl
Roger Olsson
Lukas Osterling
Paul-Martin Persson
Henrik Smedenfors
Hanna Svensson
Nadi Tofighian
Yevhen Yukhnytsya

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
15.5.2016BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2016 Teams1. (11)
15.5.2016BHK Mollan Rouge IISwedish Championships 2016 Teams7. (11)
3.5.2015BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2015 Teams1. (15)
3.5.2015BHK Mollan Rouge IISwedish Championships 2015 Teams6. (15)
4.5.2014BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2014 Teams1. (11)
4.5.2014BHK Mollan Rouge IISwedish Championships 2014 Teams8. (11)
12.4.2014BHK Mollan RougeWorld Championships 2014 Clubs9. (31)
12.5.2013BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2013 Teams1. (13)
12.5.2013BHK Mollan Rouge IISwedish Championships 2013 Teams10. (13)
20.11.2010BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2010 Teams1. (7)
21.11.2009BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2009/10 Teams1. (8)
23.5.2009BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2009 Teams2. (8)
10.5.2008BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2008 Teams2. (13)
23.9.2007BHK Mollan RougeWorld Championships 2007 Clubs2. (20)
23.9.2007BHK Mollan Rouge IIWorld Championships 2007 Clubs15. (20)
22.5.2007Jimmy and the BeardsDM Skane 2007 Teams (Oresund Trophy 2007 Teams)3. (6)
22.5.2007Varsta GangetDM Skane 2007 Teams (Oresund Trophy 2007 Teams)4. (6)
22.5.2007Waste SwedenDM Skane 2007 Teams (Oresund Trophy 2007 Teams)6. (6)
28.4.2007BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2007 Teams3. (8)
26.5.2006BHK Mollan RougeOresund Trophy 2006 Teams2. (4)
20.5.2006BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2006 Teams5. (9)
6.5.2006BHK Mollan RougeUkraine Championships 2006 Teams3. (12)
30.4.2005BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2005 Teams2. (15)
30.4.2005BHK Mollan Rouge IISwedish Championships 2005 Teams14. (15)
24.4.2004BHK Mollan RougeSwedish Championships 2004 Teams2. (15)
24.4.2004BHK Mollan Rouge IISwedish Championships 2004 Teams11. (15)
24.4.2004BHK Mollan Rouge IIISwedish Championships 2004 Teams15. (15)

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